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Just like the title, it’s my hot trip because I’m going to Lombok (Lombok is Chili in Javanese Language; just see the welcoming property on Lombok bellow!) from Lombok.
novotel,lombok 4
I go with a ferry from Padang Baai. It take 4 hours to Lembar Ferry Terminal. Then take 1 a half hour to Kuta Lombok Beach.

Stay at the hotel I saw a night market in the back side. I think its a beautiful scene on the night. People around the hotel sell some souvenir. I buy some t-shirt for souvenir, it’s Rp 15.ooo/pcs.


In the morning I go to the beach to enjoy the wonderful granular sands there. See, they like papers spreading on the beach. u

granular beachsands

I zoomed it for you!

beachsands at kuta lombok

I think this is the only beach that have this shape of granular sands.

Then I enjoying tandem bicycle to going around. Hmm, another lovely island!

Seperti judulnya “Hot Trip” lombok memang pedas karena lombok berarti cabe dalam bahasa Indonesia. Lihat saja penyambutan cabe-cabe di hotel tempat saya menginap (gambar 1)!
Setelah perjalanan saya dari Bali saya meneruskan ke Lombok. melalui pelabuhan Padang Baai. Setelah 4 jam naik kapal ferry, saya sampai di pelabuhan Lembar Lombok. Dari pelabuhan itu saya naik mobil sewaan selama 1,5 jam untuk menuju penginapan saya di Kuta Lombok.

Saat makan malam saya melihat keramaian di tengah kegelapan di belakang hotel. Ternyata ada pasar malam di sana. Wuih, pemandangan yang bagus (gambar 2). Setelah puas mengambil gambar, saya membeli 5 buah kaos. Cukup murah, saya membeli Rp15.000 perbuah.

Keesokan paginya saya takjub berjalan sepanjang pantai Kuta Lombok sebab butiran pasir di sini bulat seperti lada. Semoga saja ibu-ibu di sini tidak tertukar saat memasak. Saya rasa pasir seperti ini hanya ada di Lombok.

Setelah menikmati pasir, saya mencoba untuk berkeliling dengan menyewa sepeda tandem. Hmmm, lumayan berkeringat bagi orang yang tidak pernah olah raga seperti saya.

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    It just another good trip. Why I only say good trip? Everybody know Bali as goddess. Many people go to this island. I know this is a great island. But everybody already have a trip like this.
    I go to Bali on February

    First I have a chance to go to Seminyak. This is such a quite place to live. But I didn’t take any picture of Seminyak. After that I go to Ubud. On the way going to Ubud, I stoped in some place. First, I stop in the batik’s gallery.

    See, this is people making Bali’s batik. All of them are women. Maybe there is gender based job description. Bali’s batik has contrast colour. But I have no picture of it.

    Second place to stop is silver gallery.

    See, all this women showing us how to make the shape to the silver.
    The third place to stop is Barong’s play. It play Rama – Shinta from the Hindus history. I think this play have similarity to the wayang orang play for the Javanese.


    At first, I think Barong is bad because it have ugly face. But it the symbol of goodness because it help Shinta when she have been kidnapped by Hanoman.

    Then I go to Tampak Siring Palace. It’s the place where The first Indonesian President Soekarno- stay if he is in Bali. Besides the palace, He has a Balinese Woman in this palace. Lucky me, I can see some people showerin in a pool in the middle of the Palace because it’s one of the religious ceremony day for Balinese people.

    tampak siring palace 18

    They showering as the symbol that they wash their body from the sins.

    The last place I stopped by in this trip is Mount Kintamani. See, there is a restaurant wich have a place on the sloop of the mountain so we can eat while seeing this view.

    mount kintamani 5

    Finally I stay at Nandini hotel Ubud. This is the great place to stay. It placed on the Slop of the mountain. With this jungle breakfast I can stay for 2 days and enjoy this place very much.

    nandini hotel,ubud 15

    The next day on Ubud, I go to Trance and Kecaks Dance. It’s very bad because I forgot to bring my lovely pocket camera to catch this great dance. Another place attracting me to go is Blanco Museum. On this great museum I found some endemic animal besides Blanco’s painting.

    See, this is me with them. I can’t take the picture of Blanco’s painting because it’s forbidden.
    The last place I go to visit before I continue my journey to Lombok.

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