When christmas was coming, I have to go to Bandung to fulfil my promise. After visiting my father in the hospital, I was in a rush to catch the train in the nearby station. But unlucky me, I got no ticket there even the ticket without seatnumber.
I was upset and decided to go home, take a rest and looking for travel tomorrow. While waiting for the bus, suddenly a man call and ask me if I am out of ticket. He wear the uniform with tag name “joko ….” (I forgot the full name).
I am out of ticket, I said.
Which tiket do you need? He said.
I need one way ticket to Bandung, I answered while hoping he still have any ticket (even it,s ilegal)
Would you like to pay the ticket on board? Just going on board and pay a half for the ticket.
What? How can I enter the station without ticket in my hand? Do they allow me to get into? I confused and exciting to hear that. I never do such things. Than the man accompanied me to enter the station.
After the train coming, I got into the train and just follow my feeling to find the restoration room.
Suprising me, there are alot of people in this room. They are the passenger with ticket without seatnumber. Waw, it must be another great experiance.
Trek,trek,trek…..suddenly a familiar sound is coming. The ticket man is coming. Now he come with the train police. Ukh, it’s shaking my body. My hands are trembling. I can do nothing but freezing in the corner.
And lucky me, the ticket man did not ask for my ticket…
But still… I am afraid. This 3 hours trip just like take a whole month. Along this trip, I really afraid when a man with uniform is coming.
Ariving in st. Hall, I really happy while my whole body still shaking.But it’s over, and I can keep my promise in this christmas.
It’s the miracle of christmas and a prove to the lack of security in public train.