Suddenly the hospital is full of crowd. Many cars is coming and I hear the great sirene of ambulance.
Sitting nearby my father’s bed, I hear the nurse said he was died while sleeping in the floor (is that true? I don’t know for sure). All medician talking about him. Some people going downstair to watch out the preparation.
Hmmm, he must be a great people I think. and my phone is ringing
“have u heard gus dur is died?”


that’s the answer. He must be Gus Dur. The great people who got HD with my father. Than I look up the window upstairs. There is a crowd outside the hospital building. Cars from tv station, security cars, some staff from the hospital, and some standing local people.
Than I tell my father “Dad, Gus Dur is died” “hmm, great people” he said, because Gus Dur is the only president who wanted to make a great decision to rise up the salary for PNS (civil servant). While smiling, my father is going to sleep, maybe he want to say good bye to Gus Dur in his dream.
Good bye gus dur!