Back to Nias. Hmm, my lovely island. Finally, after a long time stranded in Aceh, I go to Nias Island. This time I only have a little time to stay. This time I have a chance to go to Nias Museum. See, this is one of Nias Statue.


I think it’s symbol have similarity with symbol from Toba – North Sumatera. It is a small lizard and penis. Maybe it’s have similar meanings with Toba’s Symbol which is small lizard and 4 breast. Lizard for capability for adapting everywhere (in the big town, small village, forest, etc) and Breast for taking care of children (2) and husband (2). So that, at that time beautiful girl must have big breast (hahaha………). And if it is penis, hmm….. I don’t know the meaning. Maybe male must have good good penis to produce a lot of children there. Hahahah…….(big laugh!)

See I take a picture with my boss in front of that things.


The other things you can see on the museum is Nias Traditional House which is diffrent with Nias Selatan Traditional House (remember the Hombo Batu?).

And suprising me, I see some people snorkling in the back part of this museum. Waw, I asked them to teach me how to do that. Hmm… I enjoy this snorkling time eventhough its 2 hours before my plane taking off from Binaka. I believe that my boss already afraid of being late to catch the plane. Hahaha………

teach me snorkling please

snorkling equipment