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Drifting Cars?? That’s So Yesterday, Drifting a TRAIN now that is really Awesome (Super Awesome!!)

This incident define new meaning of awesome to me. The train drift happen in Rangkasbitung to Jakarta near Kampung Bandan Station. This is super cool compared to the “blink-blink with hideous light that sickened my eye using mommy and daddy’s dough” car (or maybe that’s just me who doesn’t have one :P ). cmiiw i think the weight of the head of the train is 3000+ kilos.

The incident happen fully because of human error, Republika wrote that this happen because the wesel is pull late or the wesel itself doesnt open perfectly when the train passed (dont ask me what is a wesel). luckily there’s no casualty involves, only the “oh shit i forgot to pull the wesel plug” person get warning from the company maybe :D The picture taken from Republika Newspaper Mei 29th 2008 Edition.

Making Faces..

i just stumble this very funny web site, it’s called Eric Convey an Emotion. At first i thought, is this for real? i mean what is the funny of this person just doing impression faces, like doing angry or sad… this man has created a web site that dedicated only for his faces… men it weird..

Then i click one of his impression on the right bar.. damn, this man is good in making faces. he got talent, pure talent. he could do almost anything that people ask him to do.

this is one of his act, i hope he don’t mind i’m posting it in my web, well if he did, just tell me and i’ll move it.


and this..

Caught Your Girlfriend with Someone Else

Eric Conveys: Caught Your Girlfriend with Someone Else

and this..

Getting a great idea… while falling to your doom Eric Conveys:  Getting a great idea... while falling to your doom  


Like taking candy from a baby Eric Conveys:  Like taking candy from a baby  

and the last one it’s so so true..

Visiting www.emotioneric.com for the Very First Time

Eric Conveys: visiting www.emotioneric.com for the very first time

i don’t know, maybe this is old school stuff, but it worth to check if u haven’t seen it yet, it’s so so funny ( if we had the same taste of humor :D ) . click here

Mask Man!!!!

:D This is still my friend who work as a design product labor. U can see him while preparing a model clay (maybe?) using his mask, this is quite funny. a bright idea in designing a mask.

mask 1

there’s another one

mask 2

and there’s another one where he wrinkling his whisker…

Don’t forget! this is the last pic with the mask, because he already out from that company, couldn’t stand the tense maybe working in a factory….

:D this is all nice isn’t it?