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an Alien??!!! a Polyethylene Skull??!!

[major Indiana Jones Crystal Skull spoiler ahead]
Crystal Skull?? more likely a plastic filled with silver paper skull in my opinion, the movies really great, it brings up the hype of Indiana Jones, actions are really great too even though it seems the motorcycle that Shia LaBeouf rode looks too big for his size

But when the dreaded plastic skull was found, me and my girl look at each other and she said “Yang filmnya kok mule aneh” (which translated to “honey the movie are starting to get weird”), she said it so polite while in my head i’m thinkin “What the F***!!! is this for real??!! is this the skull that they’re talkin about!!! is this the things that i’ve been waiting since last year to watch???”.

To me the skull is a major turn off, until the end of the movie i was hoping that indi will said “This is not the real skull!! is the fake ones!! now that green shiny jade look alike are the real skull!!”.

With all the budget they have, the CG effect that they could make, with the combination of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Why God!! why they choose alien to be main topic of the movie. Let’s not forget some of the action in the movie looks really cheap, like the time when indi stare at the skull for a while and stunned goin crazy (i think they’re trying to build up tension so the skull look scary) and the most freakin cheap action is when Shia jumping around like tarzan (yes, Tarzan) pulling those rope to rope in the tree chasing Cate Blanchett car. All of this remind me The Mummy Movies

To be fair the action, the theme and scenery are really great, some of them like the scene from “Serious Sam: The First Encounter”. Some of the orchestrated music are similar to Starwars epic, and the car chase is similar too with the Starwars V (cmiiw) speeder chase. The camera angle are surprisingly fun. To sum of it all the action in the movie is like “A series of Very Fortunate Even” :D

Maybe i’m gettin old or something, but i felt more and more action movies look the same and have the same flow composition. imho indi movies should stick to the traditional action and logic like the old days. Or maybe i had so much to criticize about the movie because i watch it from the front second row, so everything looks so huge.