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What?!! Dian Sastro!!

Dian Sastro

you see this lovely girl picture, her name is Dian Sastro. let me start an intro in this post, While i was looking my viewstat at community page. I notice there’s a visitor who come to this site looking for Dian Sastro and i said WTF. What wrong with google anyway?? there’s no posting at all at this web site saying any key word on “sastro” and i never put her picture too!! ..until this very day of course. i don’t understand why the hell is this happening, but i rank 10th anyway in the search results :D


The Origin of Horor Hentai!!

…and i thought i have seen everything… i saw this article on wiki while i was stumbling around last night before i go to sleep and suddenly awake seeing this articles, Man.. it’s freakin weird!

If u don’t know what hentai is, let me give you a little hint… it’s a porn cartoon. Yes and sometimes they have a very imaginative film u can’t imagine :D . i once saw a hentai movie that the antagonist character (Bad guys) had a very very long green d*** acting as a weapon attacking the female protagonist character(good guys), who is a dancer with very minimum clothing, fighting and had some strange intimate scene, strangely the dancer was happy while they doing it(WTF). it’s a very unique experience i tell u, sometimes i imagine where’s the hell that this guys had this idea for the movie.

After seeing this articles on wiki (i hope it didn’t change yet), i understand where the root of hentai’s come from. it’s come from an 19th century erotic woodcut that perhaps the first instance of tentacle porn. It features a woman entwined sexually with a pair of octopuses. ….

Erotic Woodcut

and this woodcut have a very intriguing name, it’s called “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife“. i bet there ‘s something wrong with the fisherman so his wife is seeing this octopus (two octopus actually :D ).

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