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Drifting Cars?? That’s So Yesterday, Drifting a TRAIN now that is really Awesome (Super Awesome!!)

This incident define new meaning of awesome to me. The train drift happen in Rangkasbitung to Jakarta near Kampung Bandan Station. This is super cool compared to the “blink-blink with hideous light that sickened my eye using mommy and daddy’s dough” car (or maybe that’s just me who doesn’t have one :P ). cmiiw i think the weight of the head of the train is 3000+ kilos.

The incident happen fully because of human error, Republika wrote that this happen because the wesel is pull late or the wesel itself doesnt open perfectly when the train passed (dont ask me what is a wesel). luckily there’s no casualty involves, only the “oh shit i forgot to pull the wesel plug” person get warning from the company maybe :D The picture taken from Republika Newspaper Mei 29th 2008 Edition.

Funny Indian Song

Can’t help it, i must repost this :))
i found it while i was stumbling, its hilarious, i’m still laughing while writing this post.

as i look for further video from woodbulb.
i found

Naughty naughty


Funny Indian Music Video Translation

if you’re often come to youtube i believe this is old stuff but if you’re not, trust me on this, its a really funny video

a Wonderfull Afternoon

While battling against sleepy eyes i tried stumbling and found this website with its plenty full pictures, Imagechan. How time goes by just by clicking the pictures :D i open it up around 2pm and pow! its already 4pm,

the library for its stupid and funny pictures are astonishing (currently 3000 pictures) and yet are very simple GUI, yup that what keep me hanging on, just like stumbling but with a large button :P

some of the pictures are:

Image Hosted on

this is i think taken from the mel gibson movie, and the another one is weird stuff from japan anime gundam, i never seen this before(?)

Image Hosted on

The most fu**ing weird pic is this

Image Hosted on

this is the weirdest pictures i’ve ever seen (in imagechan there’s no censoring ). i’m still awe along time seeing this pictures and thats what makes a wonderful afternoon to spend :D i’m not finished seeing all the pictures but I’m already halfway through. While u’re here maybe u’re interested in Eric Convey making faces emoticon too.

Describing Pornography and a Good way to review a DVD

While reading feed, i read Michael Swain a contributor of described an elaborate detail of pornography. Why He describe it? because he can’t put porn on the site. So listen and do ur thing if have a vivid imagination :))

And another one is about presenting a good review to put on your web! :D
from tunaflix

i post this because sometimes i just can’t believe there’s always new things that seems really new and weird yet innovative ways to drive traffic to the website. New webs to feed me! :D

HUGE Banana tree!!!

One of the tradition in Eid ul-Fitr is rallying around seeing my relatives, as the weeks goes by, last Saturday i visit my sister mother in-law, and while we were chatting trough the afternoon, she mention about his crop garden in her backyard. Yada yada yada, after the chat i was curious in seeing the garden and see this huuuge banana tree, man it is huuge, i have seen a lot of banana tree, but this is the biggest!!

Huge banana tree

It’s like adding the meaning of huge in my dictionary. huge right?

Installing Adobe Master Collection Without Pain in The *rse

the one on the left
After buying super genuine Adobe Master Collection complete edition. which come with the package of dreamweaver, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, cue, soundbooth, after effect, premier.. yada yada, i realize i’m facing new problem.
there's never be enough ram
First after trying to install the damn application, it runs system check, my old AMD XP 2Gigz and 512Ram doesnt meet the requirement, it need dual core and minimum of 1Gig of ram, and i said to myself what the f*ck!! what kind of damn application that need that kind of ram, it’s just an imaging editor, web apps and flash maker. The thinking of upgrading my PC flash before my eyes… after counting the necessary cost to buy new PC (around $250 to $500) with using old part that still usable, i decided not to buy new PC. i decided to try it anyway.
Hard disk not enough too
A few click later, i found new problem, it need 18,5 Gb of Hardisk to fully install all of the application. Damn!! that huge, the biggest thing that i’ve installed is a game with 9Gig of space. the game full of crap too. my PC only have space around 20 Gig sparsing in three partition. because of that i have to clean up and moving my genuine songs & apps. but after seeing through the adobe apps that are going to be installed, i just need four apps, Acrobat(but it’s still faster to use foxit reader to read pdf); Dreamweaver; Photoshop and Illustrator. This last three apps fill the space in my Hdd around 4.8Gig.
Last but not least, this the biggest pain of installing adobe master collection! IT CAN’T INSTALL SMOOTHLY. there’s always an error that said cannot install dreamweaver, photoshop and Illustrator but the freakin shared component is successfully installed (I dont need the f*cking shared component installed, everytime i’m trying reinstall ). Two days! Two full days of my weekend stuck up trying to install this apps. but my fault is that i don’t ask uncle google to help me. After asking, apparently this problem is happened to a lot of people. yada yada yada, i found the solution, the service in adobe cue need to run bonjour service (stupid name for a service) but my firewall (Comodo, the best firewall in the world and it is free with full control of course) ask me if i should block it up or not, because i dont know who the hell is bonjour. i block it! now i know that it need to run to complete the installation process. and voila! done.
what is the essence of this story? things that should be remembered before installing this humongous apps:

  1. Remember the requirement, it need 1Gig of ram and almost 19Gig of Hdd space
  2. TURN OFF any of your Firewall, is it third party or from the windows itself(look in the control panel)
  3. if its still fail, before re-installing try to remove EVERYTHING from the previous installation, including your flash codec or your beta photoshop CS3 or Google Desktop.
  4. if all else fail!, Call the tech support, no really, u pay dearestly to have that kind of service

Good luck with the installation! dont call me if u have problem in installing

Anime Freak Escort Service

Yesterday while stumbling trough the day i found this interesting website, it’s like stumble upon but only interesting pictures and video, u know what i mean lah. The website are Picsyard. while looking random pic in it, i found this bizzare escort service for anime freaks or as we say it anime otaku. The escort service offer anigao girl for anime otaku. let me quote directly from their website

Theres a new type of business in Japan aimed at Otaku who love 2D girls but cant stand the face of real girls – satsueikai (photo session) of hybrid models called “Anigao” meaning “anime face”.

Anigao Girls offer you the exciting chance to pay a measly 10,000 yen to take photos of an Anigao Girl for one whole hour. The session is 1×1 and you get to choose what costume you want her to wear. It costs 1,000 yen per extra costume and if you bring your own costume for her to wear then its going to cost you an extra 1,500 yen. If you want her to wear a bikini then its an extra 2,500 yen (all prices here)

Anigao Girls is located in Akihabara so if you need a break from buying Gundams n Figures then this could be something to add to your schedule.

Freak isn’t it :D

this is a couple of pictures of anigao girls

Anigao Girls

They used mask for godsake!

Anigao Girls

here some of the video about anigao girls

Talking about strange fetishism, this is the strangest things i’ve read i found on the net. I’m not mocking anime freaks or something here, i used to be one of them, but after awhile, i get tired with their design, hundred of similar character design with too bizzare stories and there’s no quality Super Robot anymore!!! damn it. Right now i’m not that freak anymore where i have to buy the newest one or the coolest one, its all about enjoying the show to me right now. i’m currently watching Kotetsu Jeeg and Lionmaru G. it’s a remake of an old super robot episode.

I’d take the positive thinking about this Anigao Girls escort service, the company is pure genius for founding their niche market. just like kinky boots.

John Chow & Steve Pavlina VS Kumiko Cash Quest

Do u see opposing posts between John Chow and Steve Pavlina to Kumiko Suzuki? or is it just me?
I’m not talking about they both fighting or having a cold war, but they look like talking a great deal about Agloco

The topic caught me is when kumiko post about Agloco, there are four to five articles about it. The main issue is she was complaining about is Agloco will never make money, Viewbar is going to be suck and the last one posted on april13th is about Agloco won’t be paying the community.

After a couple of second reading her feed, i notice that my of personal development guru :D Steve Pavlina are posting about Agloco too on his blog, explaining about passive income. and i think, WTF coincidence! after reading his writing on personal development almost a year now, i never read him write about particularly one product (Agloco) very comprehensively. that’s when again i saw the opposing theme between both party. oh yeah if u still don’t understand what i’m writing about, let’s just say that John Chow and Steve Pavlina are pro’s with Agloco and Kumiko are the con’s.

John chow though famous for the make money online review, are always promoting about Agloco. One of them is when he passes the 11000 Agloco Sign-ups. Steve Pavlina and John Chow to me are one of the pioneer in the blog booming right now, they help defines the word “Content is King” to blogging. Both always offer help with their writings to the community in developing a great website and personal development. I still remembered the time when john never mention how much his income is and right now he already passes the US$8000 marks last march.

With John Chow make money online in his US$8000 a month and Steve Pavlina passing the US$40K income, both of them have a lot more experience in monetizing their web. I think i believe John and Steve with his Agloco opinion right now.

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Update: I change a little bit in this post to prevent misunderstanding :D