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Doin It Wrong?

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i found it odd that facebook has a double breadcrumb that leads to the same page, even thought the links is different, the page where its headed is the same, its been a long time but no one seems to bother to wrote it. Here is a couple of navigation that i found linking the same page. the first one is

The home page, clicking the home button and the facebook button leads to the same page, why? seeing that it use “ref” keyword on the string of the link, at first i was thinking maybe it’s for surveys or something, but after a year using facebook, does it still need survey for that function?

The second one is, the breadcrumb on the view all friends page, using see all and clicking the amount of your friends lead to the same page too, i dont know why it bother to use two link that leads to the same page (and positioned damn near too).

There are maybe more of this on other page, but i never intended to research about it, i use facebook only to connect with my friends and never intended to use it other than that. It just bother me, seeing it every time i use facebook.

Extreme Sushi

Some people might find this pics is offensive, you’ve been warned.

First lets eat a nice set of tofu special with PRAYING MANTIS :)

Don’t forget to taste the ramen fill with fried cockroach

Here’s the full set of sushi you’ve ordered

On the evening, there’s nothing beat a nice cracker cricket and a tea with milk

Bon Appetit

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This Month Time Waster: Daily Funny Pictures

This month my biggest time waster is not a game or facebook but daily funny pictures site. I once post about imagechan last january and i happen to find it up again while stumbling. Since then i get addicted again, there’s more site that offer similar daily funny pictures like imagechan, like and Nanobooru.

Be warned by this sites, they are sometimes could show very very offensive pictures but still SFW (safe for work), here are a funny image from Imagechan.

and here are a random picture from

last is from Nanobooru, u know that funny comic from korea? where the people get shot and yet they manage to get married and etc, found the comic collection there and some of them are translated, here is one of them.

u could see the comic here on asaekkiga comic yang_young-soon, just click next on the bottom to view another comic. Imagechan have 6000+ pictures that’ll kept u all day long, if it’s not enough that have 3500+ pics.

So The Astronout From Nasa Drink Their Own Urine?

Top priority for the Endeavour crew, poised to lift off Friday night from Florida for a 15-day mission: installing hardware designed to recycle urine into drinking water.

The station’s primary source of water is the space shuttle, which makes about four deliveries annually. With the winged rocket ships facing retirement in two years, water recycling is a must.

“There is definitely a yuck factor,” said Endeavour astronaut Sandy Magnus.

Despite her candor, she can make the reclaimed urine seem as appealing as the water from a mountain stream.

“We are not really drinking our own urine. We are drinking water that has been reclaimed from a process with urine as the input,” Magnus said*

So it’s appealing like water from a mountain spring……

Orange juice

It’s still doesn’t look so appealing to me

*Space station’s remodeling will fix water supply — but don’t ask

a Friend just came back from Aceh

My dear friend Popie just came back from Aceh, The city in Indonesia that get disastrous tsunami on December 26th 2004. She was there cause she had a part-time job (1 month ) to monitor the development progress in the area. I was anxious to hear when she was coming home to Jakarta finished with the job. Because she lived far away from my house, about two hour using public transportation, we dont have time to meet and have a chit chat. So i ask her to send me an email with some pictures while she was there.
And guess what i get? Here are the first pic.

yes i got pictures from her, well not the kind of photos that u expect from a friend who just came back from a trip, be warn, some of them it’s not a pleasant one :P

she sent me a pictures of a monkey… i’m speechless :) she came back from Aceh and sent me a picture of a monkey…

not long after that she sent me another email of TWO MONKEY :D

:)) and not long after THAT she sent me another pictures. Man! she sent me some nasty pictures of octopus!! i never had a friend in my life that send me a picture of a dead octopus picture! nice one popie :D (i only show small thumbnail, i’m afraid some one will get gross with the big one)

and here popie with a huge smile :D

i replied her last email, “Pop be serious :D give me some pictures about the area you’d stay” and she send me a picture where she’d stays

A damn nice area in Aceh. Going there is one of my wish list next year :D

Looking at Breast 10 Minute Equal 30 Minute Work Out Theory

Look at that breast smile
pic by eca543

Have you ever got an email that say

“LOOKING AT BREASTS MAKES MEN LIVE LONGER … says New England Journal of Medicine Staring at boobs for just 10 minutes is equal to 30 minutes of aerobics, says study. …”

I always curious with the theory, is this really true? if it’s, i may have expanded my life around 38 years! (just kid :P). well i just found an answer to that theory :) it’s a SFW (Safe For Work) answer of course, in case u never knew the answer like i did, here a clip from youtube experimenting the theory :P and the experimentation look legit to me

To Know Wether U Need To Get a Life or Not

So are you angry with this situation? Your wife played your games in your PC and accidentally killed your online games character, here a quote of the news i read on Japan Probe

A woman has been arrested in Japan after she allegedly killed her virtual husband in a popular video game.

The 43-year-old was reportedly furious at finding herself suddenly divorced in the online game Maplestory.

Police say she illegally accessed log-in details of the man playing her husband, and killed off his character.

The woman, a piano teacher, is in jail in Sapporo waiting to learn if she faces carges of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating data.

She was arrested on Wednesday and taken 620 miles (1,000 km) from her home in southern Miyazaki to Sapporo – where her “husband”, a 33-year-old office worker lives.

if yes you’re angry at her, i think u need to get a life!
as a gamer myself, this kind of situation never happen to me on online platform, but i have similar on desktop game. My wife (before i married her) twice accidentally erase my save file of 25 hour Dungeon Siege and a nearly finished save game on Sacred (The only saved games). Well i’m really really angry at her touching my pc and played my games but i loved her more so i just give her a nice explanation to be more considerate before playing someones games.

u should be grateful
pic by Janety el planety

The news is making me angry because the husband just thinks that everything is taken for granted, he doesn’t remembered the position of his wife as house wife who have been serving his husband (regarding the japanese life style) every day of his life after he is married. Some times u just need a slap in your face to be grateful of what u have in life before regret it that its long gone.

The news source is from BBC

Old Magazines

Old magazines!!
Pic by brzy40_2000

While moving out to the a new place, i know i’m going to face trouble… i need to tidying up my magazine collection and my books. The problem lies in the magazine, damn, i have a lots of it.

The magazine i collect is about gaming which i love the pictures and layout of the magz. but sometimes the reason is beyond that, i love to see how the magazines progress trough each edition and each year. Here in my country, Magazine about PC gaming is very rare, if they appear they never pass a three year life span. Only one that i knew that has passed 3 years, Game 21. But enough for the sentimental reason, These magazines i dont want to throw it away or recycle it, but they are taking up lots of spaces (2x2meter to be exacly :D). I’m going to face real trouble if i dont take care of it.

After i ask uncle google away, i found a pretty good answer, here they are:

  • Pass them along to friends and family. This is the simplest way of putting magazines back into circulation.
  • Host a monthly reader’s exchange. Invite some people over for coffee — you can even advertise the event to broaden your circle. Everyone brings their used books and magazines, and goes home with something new.
  • Donate magazines to groups and organizations which will use them. Anyplace that has a waiting room will usually be grateful to receive fresh reading material — doctors’ offices, hospitals, and automobile service departments. Even better: arrange regular magazine deliveries to nursing homes and women’s shelters.

After long consideration, i make up my mind that i dont want to throw it away and dont want to give all of it, i want to keep it for a while longer :P i sort it first the clean one and kept it under the bed, some of them i gave it to my friends and the bad one threw it away. Right now i have thrown half of my collection. So what is the moral of the story? the moral is that u can always saving up garbage as long you have the spaces to keep it :P oh yeah one more thing as long as your wife agreed too :D