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Lighting is everything

Since the 1st of february i was planning to buy a digital camera, not an expensive one as long as it have a nice megapixel and u have a lot of control in taking the picture,such as ISO control, flashlight, zooming etc. I’ve been surveying trough the web, and there’s a couple of things that u should know when u buy a digital camera(as a beginner). These things are:

  • Megapixel doesn’t mean that much to get a quality foto, as long as it look sharp and doesn’t have a lot of noise than it’s okay(to me), not to small of course.
  • Lighting is everything. Before u bought it, try the camera. try with the outside environment of the shop because occasionally the lighting in a shop is very good, so u cant emulate the real picture in ur real life situation. Try with the flashlight off, ask the seller to change the ISO setting, anything. so u can be sure with ur camera in the low lighting situation. exp of a low lighting environment is in a wedding, sometimes when u shoot with ur camera with the flashlight on, the background became dark. So just to be sure try many setting before u bought it.

I’m not a pro in photography but i do know what kind of good pictures look like, so i want to get a camera that was good enough to take picture of my friends and beloved ones. With this kind of simple knowledge i think it’s sufficient enough to buy a new camera without the hassle of understanding new technology.After surveying the web, i got 2 website that (to me) was qualified enough to get a decent review. the first one was the and the other one i forgot to bookmark it :D is Imaging Resource. after read a lot of review i realize that i don’t have enough money to buy a good camera with anti shake features and large optical zoom. My budget was around US$150-250. Seeing my condition was lack of money i took chances to buy an entry class camera with a lot of manual control. My bet was on Canon and Olympus camera(Kodak: too much noise, Casio: no manual control, Sony cybershot: i rarely read reviews about Sony before so i dare not to buy it, Samsung: the entry class was horrible), both features a great experience in photoing ( forgive me for my lack of vocabulary :P ).

Testing kamera

After testing the camera, Olympus(i forgot what type, around US$190) was great on the large LCD and the result of the picture(best antishake) but lack of viewfinder, expensive memory card(xdcard) and because of the large LCD means it’s goin to be short battery life. on Canon i tested 2 three type of camera A410 and A530, four actually but that was slightly out of my budget so i intensively tested the two type. The conclusion was that A410 was the cheapest one with the price range between US$110 and A530 is US$145, both feature the same technology with the A410 less features(doh’). the A530 was good (not great) on the result with auto setting, but sometimes quite blurry pictures and slow loading shutterspeed, using SD Card means cheaper photo storage. But alas with that kind of price range US$140 and almost the same features as A630, i bought(with original warranty) the damn thing :D . And not just that, i bought it with a package 1GB SD card and camera bag. hahaha so cheap!

this is a sample of the picture taking from my A530. My computer.

my computer

My friend who accompany me in buying the camera

my friend aput

so that the story of my ventures in buying a good and cheap camera :D . good luck in finding yours!

Update February 22nd 2007:

The quality of the picture is quite good, often shaky(i wish i bought those olympus :( ) but the battery is killing me, it’s doesn’t get to 100 shot, already i had to buy a new battery. I don’t know why it need to change battery often, is it because i took a lot of picture or because i change the setting often

Update March 24 2007:

I bought a cheap rechargeable battery. right know it has a long span of battery life. after a lot of consideration, actually my camera is quite good comparing to all of my friends camera(2 Sony, 4 Kodak, 1 Samsung and 1 Olympus), it has the manual control that satisfy me for my hunger of controling. The auto setting act like shit in the result and don’t ever use the flashlight if u want a good picture quality. i shoot 1036 pictures since i bought this camera, it’s a fun experience in searching a right combination of color but i’m stil suck at searching angles.