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R.A. Kosasih, The Indonesian Comic Author

About two month ago my father reminded me about his collection of comic books, and i remembered it too that his collection of comics is super awesome, there are almost three 2 meter high cabinet filled with classic Indonesian’s comic book.

But after time went by, we don’t know how to preserve comic the right way, one by one the collection is destroyed by humidity and reading bugs :(

it’s a sad day for me and my dad the day that mom had to throw away our comic book. Nevertheless time gone by, we tried no to regret it.

Later, after my dad reminded me, me & my wife made a pact that we shall bought him the comic book that he had before, one by one. Since then we bought 8 comics book, it’s far from his total collection he once had before, but it’s a start.

The comic author that we got is R.A Kosasih, and the price is significantly higher than the first time we bough it’s around Rp,400. Now the price is Rp,35,000 to 85,000 (3,5 – 8,5 USD). We have a couple of more that we want to buy but i want to postponed it.

The publisher of the comic book, doesn’t use royalty system for the comic, so the comic author doesn’t get any penny after it was bought (i read it somewhere in Kompas newspaper), It’s been forty years and the comic still republished, i’m quite ashamed of the system, because in my opinion RA. Kosasih has the same status like Stan Lee did in US comic books .

Here’s a couple screen shot of the comic book cover that i bought

here’s clip of the content

the hand drawn for the comic is very classic, all of the story that brought by R.A Kosasih is around the epic of Mahabarata. He take the middle story of many version of the story trough his comic.

Here’s another screenshot of his comic book

and the content

honestly i haven’t read it all, in the old days i read it all but i was kid back then so i dont really understand what the story is about.

Right now i read half of the comic and felt this comic is LOL :D and you can’t complaint about the quality of the comic, it’s a reprinted edition from 40 years ago. it’s full of awesomeness in my childhood, maybe i’ll post the content in the future post.

This Month Time Waster: Daily Funny Pictures

This month my biggest time waster is not a game or facebook but daily funny pictures site. I once post about imagechan last january and i happen to find it up again while stumbling. Since then i get addicted again, there’s more site that offer similar daily funny pictures like imagechan, like and Nanobooru.

Be warned by this sites, they are sometimes could show very very offensive pictures but still SFW (safe for work), here are a funny image from Imagechan.

and here are a random picture from

last is from Nanobooru, u know that funny comic from korea? where the people get shot and yet they manage to get married and etc, found the comic collection there and some of them are translated, here is one of them.

u could see the comic here on asaekkiga comic yang_young-soon, just click next on the bottom to view another comic. Imagechan have 6000+ pictures that’ll kept u all day long, if it’s not enough that have 3500+ pics.

a Friend just came back from Aceh

My dear friend Popie just came back from Aceh, The city in Indonesia that get disastrous tsunami on December 26th 2004. She was there cause she had a part-time job (1 month ) to monitor the development progress in the area. I was anxious to hear when she was coming home to Jakarta finished with the job. Because she lived far away from my house, about two hour using public transportation, we dont have time to meet and have a chit chat. So i ask her to send me an email with some pictures while she was there.
And guess what i get? Here are the first pic.

yes i got pictures from her, well not the kind of photos that u expect from a friend who just came back from a trip, be warn, some of them it’s not a pleasant one :P

she sent me a pictures of a monkey… i’m speechless :) she came back from Aceh and sent me a picture of a monkey…

not long after that she sent me another email of TWO MONKEY :D

:)) and not long after THAT she sent me another pictures. Man! she sent me some nasty pictures of octopus!! i never had a friend in my life that send me a picture of a dead octopus picture! nice one popie :D (i only show small thumbnail, i’m afraid some one will get gross with the big one)

and here popie with a huge smile :D

i replied her last email, “Pop be serious :D give me some pictures about the area you’d stay” and she send me a picture where she’d stays

A damn nice area in Aceh. Going there is one of my wish list next year :D

Fake Tilt-Shift

I search my collection of photos to create fake tilt-shift shoot, but couldn’t find a lot of an aerial view photoshoot, Nevertheless, i found a pic from a second story building of my campus, a photo of a barge from a copter and a pic from parking building at Mangga Dua Jakarta.

“When choosing a photograph for the tilt-shift effect, bear in mind that you want to give the impression of a miniature model.”
Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

The first pic that i use is a pic of a barge, the pic is two years old if i’m not mistaken. To create the pic i google the tutorial and found Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial. and here are the result of the first pic

and after

To view the larger pic (1024×768) u could view the picture here.

The second pic is a picture of my campus, Politic and Social Science Faculty at Universitas Indonesia. The pic is taken from Building G, about 4 years ago, there’s a lot new changes there.
Here are the pic before

and After

To view the larger pic (1024×768) u could view the picture here.

Last, here are the pic that i take from Parking Building at Mangga Dua Mall, Jakarta. I was buying a HDD at the moment and while looking for the car after finish, I couldn’t help to takes pictures while looking, but sadly i use auto configuration to take the pictures, many of the pictures are just ordinary pics.
here are before

and after

To view the larger pic (1024×768) u could view the picture here.

Look Like Lomo Photography

While stumbling, i found a tutorial about “How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography” from Digital Photography school, interesting, because i was looking in creating digital HDR pictures using regular digicam.

I tried at my niece picture, it look good! i love it :)
this before the digital mock-up

and this is after

but rather than create a photoshop pictures look like lomo photography only, i took the step in the tutorial but regard the similar look like lomo, the result? i think it look pretty cool too, it has a nice color depth imho.

i tried in two pictures, the first one is with my junior in campus reunion.
this is before

and after

the other one, i use pictures while celebrating our independence day last august :)
this is before

and after

neat huh. Now searching that tutorial again in creating HDR pictures, stumbling away! :)

how much your blog worth?

After reading johnchow post on how much your blog worth? i’m interested in checking my own site.


How much money is your blog worth?

after answering 19 question from My Blog Value, i get a very huge number :D well it took me by surprise, hell i even put 0 (zero) on the income of this blog and put my alexa ranking 2,431,755 just to make it low. guess what? my site is estimated worth around USD $108,130. Men, i’ll sell this site right away for the first person who offer me this :D

I dont know what kind of method they use for estimating the blog (beside answering my question), but i’m sure happy with the result :D

The Jakarta 4th Toys and Comic Fair

Jakarta Toys n Comic Fair 2008
Pic by monsterijo

Two weeks ago, I’ve gone to the Jakarta 4th Toys n Comic fair which is a very pleasant event. The event took place in tennis indoor Senayan in Central Jakarta. Even though its only a two size of tennis field, it took me more than three hour to look all of the toys there.

Captain America

What i really like about the fair is, there is a wide variety of action figure. Starting from Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Gundam, Spawn, DC Superheroes, Marvell Superheroes, One Piece, Transformer etc. oh yeah there’s even a Tom and Jerry Figurine.

Tom and Jerry

Dont forget what a toys fair without Starwars collection item, here are Starwars lightsaber

Master Yoda, Luke and Darth Maul Lightsaber

The price range from around a dollar to USD$300 a piece. like this classic super robot Voltes V which cost around USD$145

Voltes V

I bought 3 three shirt and 3 Ultraman Monster!!! I was looking for Ultraman Monster for along time, now i get to bought for less than $1. What i really really love about the monster is that it’s really really ugly(even my wife hate the idea of me buying it). I dont take the pictures yet, i’ll update it soon in my next post.

What i really regret about the event is that I dont prepare enough dough for the event and i dont took a lot of pictures.

Great Mazinger n Getter Robo

I want to buy this Getter Robo and Great Mazinger Z statues along times but i dont think i have the budget to buy both of it then.

There’s a lot of other toys like this one

I dont know what it is

and tomys car


Last but not least here are some classic old toys that are on sale

looks pretty old right?