This Month Time Waster: Daily Funny Pictures

This month my biggest time waster is not a game or facebook but daily funny pictures site. I once post about imagechan last january and i happen to find it up again while stumbling. Since then i get addicted again, there’s more site that offer similar daily funny pictures like imagechan, like and Nanobooru.

Be warned by this sites, they are sometimes could show very very offensive pictures but still SFW (safe for work), here are a funny image from Imagechan.

and here are a random picture from

last is from Nanobooru, u know that funny comic from korea? where the people get shot and yet they manage to get married and etc, found the comic collection there and some of them are translated, here is one of them.

u could see the comic here on asaekkiga comic yang_young-soon, just click next on the bottom to view another comic. Imagechan have 6000+ pictures that’ll kept u all day long, if it’s not enough that have 3500+ pics.

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