Gone to Solaria restaurant plaza semanggi couple of days ago, nothing fancy here but this restaurant is known for its affordable price. It’s usually placed on a mall like Platinum but the price is more affordable ( okay, it more cheaper here ). With $3 u could get a decent meal and two glass of ice tea. The choice of menu is quite large, larger than platinum, so if u want a cheap but decent restaurant here in Jakarta think solaria in mind, it won’t blow a hole in your pocket.

i dont take picture of the food here, because i’m exhausted from all day looking books there, we met in plaza Semanggi because this place is located in the middle of Sudirman Av. but there is one pic that my friend ordered a “teri medan fried rice”

phew we were tired , so we chat around 2 hours there and only spend around 10 $

Here are a my wife’s friend.

I go to solaria because it’s the third restaurant after all day spending in Gramedia bookshop all day. the first restaurant is Burger King, Cavana where there’s a silly incident there and the last we went to Solaria. actually we want to watch Quantum of Solace after that, but my wife is already sleepy so we went home instead.

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One thought on “Solaria”

  1. Solaria is the best..
    Pelayanan nya memuazkan banget..
    Buat mbak2 d Solaria wtc jambi kalian emank paling the best..
    Thankz banget buat pelayanan ny.. Aq n tmn2 snenk bget mkn d s0laria tp,sayang mbak2 ny srg d pndah tgs kan k t42 laen..
    Di saat aq n tmn2 mulai dkt ma mbak2 ny eh,mala mrk d pndh tgs kan k t4 laen..

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