So The Astronout From Nasa Drink Their Own Urine?

Top priority for the Endeavour crew, poised to lift off Friday night from Florida for a 15-day mission: installing hardware designed to recycle urine into drinking water.

The station’s primary source of water is the space shuttle, which makes about four deliveries annually. With the winged rocket ships facing retirement in two years, water recycling is a must.

“There is definitely a yuck factor,” said Endeavour astronaut Sandy Magnus.

Despite her candor, she can make the reclaimed urine seem as appealing as the water from a mountain stream.

“We are not really drinking our own urine. We are drinking water that has been reclaimed from a process with urine as the input,” Magnus said*

So it’s appealing like water from a mountain spring……

Orange juice

It’s still doesn’t look so appealing to me

*Space station’s remodeling will fix water supply — but don’t ask

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