Got a Cake from my Wife :)

Just got my favorite cake from my wife, Opera cake from Harvest Cakes (Kelapa Gading Branches, Jakarta). The cake is made with coffee cream and chocolate ganache and set together with chocolate jokon sponge.

Quite tasteful, but after two slice your stomach maybe full because it’s filled with cream :) two layer of cofee cream. Btw it’s also kosher (halal), no rum in it means no alcohol, if u want to know what is kosher or not in harvest cakes, just look at the shape of the cake. If it’s round then it use rum or alcohol based ingredient in the mixed cake dough, if its square it’s not. If u’re uncertain u could always ask the waiter which one is the kosher ones.

Just a little advice if u want to buy bread at Harvest Cake for a gift when visiting your love ones, the choice of bread at Kelapa Gading isn’t as much as Holland Bakery near the shop. And what makes me more disappointed is that u get the bread in a paper bag, even though i offer i would pay extra if there’s a box for my bread, they told me that box is only for the cake, the bread can only use paper bag.

In Holland Bakery, u get more bread with the same price and get a box for the bread. The taste? the chocolate roll has the same texture but with lesser chocolate than Holland Bakery. I’m not being cheap or something but i love chocolate, i crave for it so i’d rather choose the one filled with the most of it.

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