a Friend just came back from Aceh

My dear friend Popie just came back from Aceh, The city in Indonesia that get disastrous tsunami on December 26th 2004. She was there cause she had a part-time job (1 month ) to monitor the development progress in the area. I was anxious to hear when she was coming home to Jakarta finished with the job. Because she lived far away from my house, about two hour using public transportation, we dont have time to meet and have a chit chat. So i ask her to send me an email with some pictures while she was there.
And guess what i get? Here are the first pic.

yes i got pictures from her, well not the kind of photos that u expect from a friend who just came back from a trip, be warn, some of them it’s not a pleasant one :P

she sent me a pictures of a monkey… i’m speechless :) she came back from Aceh and sent me a picture of a monkey…

not long after that she sent me another email of TWO MONKEY :D

:)) and not long after THAT she sent me another pictures. Man! she sent me some nasty pictures of octopus!! i never had a friend in my life that send me a picture of a dead octopus picture! nice one popie :D (i only show small thumbnail, i’m afraid some one will get gross with the big one)

and here popie with a huge smile :D

i replied her last email, “Pop be serious :D give me some pictures about the area you’d stay” and she send me a picture where she’d stays

A damn nice area in Aceh. Going there is one of my wish list next year :D

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