Start From The Small Things

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
I know someday there’ll be a day where the environment is in chaos. As fear grows mesmerizing in mind i never took real action to tell people to act to save the environment. My everyday activity fills up my day. So i start took action in my daily activity, couple of thing hat i do is

  1. I Turn Off the electricity if i doesn’t need it, such as turning of the light in the noon or not using rice warmer to eat.
  2. If i were given a plastic bag, i use again for other activities, i prefer to use my bag
  3. Recycling waste paper if the back of the paper are empty
  4. I always cautious in using water in my house, because i notice the quality of the water decreasing slightly every year.
  5. I always remind my wife to safe electricity whenever we can
  6. If i had money i intend on using LCD rather than CRT because the electricity cost only 20 to 35 watt
  7. For the long run, I Developed my personal website on using black colour theme, because the black color on your monitor use less electricity than any other colour, such as white or green. It’s scientifically proven but i forgot to bookmark it :D

I believe if we do this small things, we can make big changes in the future. So act now!

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