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Yesterday while stumbling trough the day i found this interesting website, it’s like stumble upon but only interesting pictures and video, u know what i mean lah. The website are Picsyard. while looking random pic in it, i found this bizzare escort service for anime freaks or as we say it anime otaku. The escort service offer anigao girl for anime otaku. let me quote directly from their website

Theres a new type of business in Japan aimed at Otaku who love 2D girls but cant stand the face of real girls – satsueikai (photo session) of hybrid models called “Anigao” meaning “anime face”.

Anigao Girls offer you the exciting chance to pay a measly 10,000 yen to take photos of an Anigao Girl for one whole hour. The session is 1×1 and you get to choose what costume you want her to wear. It costs 1,000 yen per extra costume and if you bring your own costume for her to wear then its going to cost you an extra 1,500 yen. If you want her to wear a bikini then its an extra 2,500 yen (all prices here)

Anigao Girls is located in Akihabara so if you need a break from buying Gundams n Figures then this could be something to add to your schedule.

Freak isn’t it :D

this is a couple of pictures of anigao girls

Anigao Girls

They used mask for godsake!

Anigao Girls

here some of the video about anigao girls

Talking about strange fetishism, this is the strangest things i’ve read i found on the net. I’m not mocking anime freaks or something here, i used to be one of them, but after awhile, i get tired with their design, hundred of similar character design with too bizzare stories and there’s no quality Super Robot anymore!!! damn it. Right now i’m not that freak anymore where i have to buy the newest one or the coolest one, its all about enjoying the show to me right now. i’m currently watching Kotetsu Jeeg and Lionmaru G. it’s a remake of an old super robot episode.

I’d take the positive thinking about this Anigao Girls escort service, the company is pure genius for founding their niche market. just like kinky boots.

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4 thoughts on “Anime Freak Escort Service”

  1. I can top that. I once saw a private escort service that would send a person, in a Teddy bear suit to your house for a few hours.

  2. Hey, i know that kind of service, it’s for the people who have fetish with furry animal puppet right? i saw it once in CSI :D

  3. I’m not sure i would use that source for anything based in reality, but it might be the same idea.

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