yup, we totally loose :D

I felt awful when we loose to korea, but it’s just a game anyway.

before i continue on i took pictures at the game, hope it will be usefull for u guys!

Ticket Senayan Kelas 2

My ticket

Awal Pertandingan Senayan

The Stadium transition into the night

Getting dark at senayan
Perfect night!
Perfect Night at Senayan
Dark Sky
Dark Sky

All I can say that the crowd is just perfect, with almost 85 thousands ticket sold, it trembled the arena (Gelora Bung Karno), U could hear the tremble of Senayan shouting “Indonesia!” here in my video

I record this using my cheap camera Canon A530, there is another video while the crowd singing our national Anthem, but you could search it on youtube anyway :D

I’m currently redesigning my web, with K2 styles, what i hate about doing this, i have less taste in color and can’t photoshop well :( that’s why i have a difficult time redesigning and most of it i have to depend on other people to help me, which have a different pace with me. hope it will be finish this week or next week

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