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My job is killing me,

Stab me

i dont have time to sit down and relax… every time i sat down and relax or touch a browser at my own home in the last three week, all i think about is how to optimize my sql query :D i don’t know whats wrong with it, but every time i load dummy data above 10,000 rows, it’s slows down. right know i’m trying to optimize it.

nevertheless i love every moment of it, i try to enjoy and take experience of it. i hope i can gain the next level and add it up on my intelligent and strength(ahh missing my gaming time) :P

because i know i can’t relax at my own home, i try to make the most out of it in my idle time (because idle time takes up 0% resources :P ). I played DS every time i can, btw I finish Final Fantasy III in 32 hours (Damn green dragon!) :D i play it every morning in the closet :P

The last three weeks also i watch three movies: Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer, Transformers and Die Hard 4.0. if u haven’t watch it, let me give a review of it, or spoiler (relax it won’t ruin the climax of the movie)

Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is good movie to watch i tell u, ONLY and if ONLY u are not or never read the comics about the first appearance of silver surfer. The action is quite entertaining and not too much. The main difference between the movie and the comics, that there is no Galactus and no doomsday device. I never read the real comic but i read the “What If ” edition with the title “What If Silver Surfer Had Not Betrayed Galactus”. There’s Stan Lee too in that movies but only for about 3-5 second :P just like in the Spiderman the Movie.

Silver Surfer

The next movie I watch is Transformers, If u never watch the cartoon (which means u have a sad childhood, u should consider killing your self) This Movie Rocks!!! I mean cool cg, cool robots, cool action and cool chick(not chicks). This movie has everything u need to watch a robot movie. but if u watch the cartoon and a fanatic fans of it, then the movie is half crap or i say almost full of crap. There are dozen of critics upon this movie (google it) but nobody seems to care about Optimus Prime have a mouth!!!! OMG WHAT ARE U THINKIN MEN!!! it’s loosing the coolness of all in the mighty Optimus Prime. and the list of other crap things is that the robot have similar design(which is crap), there’s no story, only a little jokes here and there, little robot compared to the cartoon and Megatron still sucks, it’s change into a freakin plane. Beside the agitating critics i have a hard time to enjoy the movie because of Michael Bay stupid habit of shooting the film in close angle, very close. To sum it up, i yawn at the half of the movie. This movie is good to watch just to loose your curiosity to Transformer Robot but cannot compared to the original. One last critic… if they design the robot with an excuse to make the robot realistic, why the hell they make Tranformers movie at all!! The cube can’t change to that scale stupid!!

Silver Surfer

The last movie i watch yesterday, Die Hard 4.0 …. is a crap too :D no jokes here, this movie literally makes the die hard movie series into its lowest form of movies. Its felt like i was watching a class B movie with one great actor and with a lot prop Hollywood prop. Men i hardly stay awake watching this on the theater and my friend a sleep in the first half of the movie. Let me sum the movie for you, no spoiler of course, The moment Bruce Willis accept a phone in a car to pick up a kid, just expect action, there’s no story after that. to make even worse the action is non logical action, its like watching a guy who has a thousand lives to spree and have millions of luck in accuracy (millions!!!). i.e.: he can crash a chopper with a car with no ramps, almost impossible except for mister McLane here. This is a popcorn movie, no intellect intrigue and the concept of hacking is so low, using stupid words to make it like in a real world.. who in the hell hack a server with GUI anyway!!! only script kiddies.

To sum it up the reviews, there’s seems to be a definite pattern in the next year movie.

  • There must be a sequel (harry potter, spiderman, fantastic 4, transformer)
  • Action 90%, story 5%, chick 4%, logic 1% (it’s like looking the same movie all over again and again)
  • or i could be wrong there will be a lot of love lit drama :P

I just wish there’ll be a movie with memorable stories like star-wars or matrix 1.

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