Old Magazines

Old magazines!!
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While moving out to the a new place, i know i’m going to face trouble… i need to tidying up my magazine collection and my books. The problem lies in the magazine, damn, i have a lots of it.

The magazine i collect is about gaming which i love the pictures and layout of the magz. but sometimes the reason is beyond that, i love to see how the magazines progress trough each edition and each year. Here in my country, Magazine about PC gaming is very rare, if they appear they never pass a three year life span. Only one that i knew that has passed 3 years, Game 21. But enough for the sentimental reason, These magazines i dont want to throw it away or recycle it, but they are taking up lots of spaces (2x2meter to be exacly :D). I’m going to face real trouble if i dont take care of it.

After i ask uncle google away, i found a pretty good answer, here they are:

  • Pass them along to friends and family. This is the simplest way of putting magazines back into circulation.
  • Host a monthly reader’s exchange. Invite some people over for coffee — you can even advertise the event to broaden your circle. Everyone brings their used books and magazines, and goes home with something new.
  • Donate magazines to groups and organizations which will use them. Anyplace that has a waiting room will usually be grateful to receive fresh reading material — doctors’ offices, hospitals, and automobile service departments. Even better: arrange regular magazine deliveries to nursing homes and women’s shelters.


After long consideration, i make up my mind that i dont want to throw it away and dont want to give all of it, i want to keep it for a while longer :P i sort it first the clean one and kept it under the bed, some of them i gave it to my friends and the bad one threw it away. Right now i have thrown half of my collection. So what is the moral of the story? the moral is that u can always saving up garbage as long you have the spaces to keep it :P oh yeah one more thing as long as your wife agreed too :D

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2 thoughts on “Old Magazines”

  1. For me, I end up recycling any mag that hasn’t got anything interesting to read. And if I really want to recycle a particular issue, I keep re-reading it until I get sick of it and then I chuck it into the recycling bin :P

    Why not scan the useful pages and covers and discard the physical copies. Paper gonna become yellow sooner or later you know :)

  2. mmmm, i never think of that, scanning. there’s going to be a lot of work if i’m going to scan it. but you’re right, i have 1986 book that i still love to read, again and again now becoming yellowish.
    now all that i need is a scanner :P
    i dont own one, my brother in law have it, maybe in the next couple of month, i’ll do it all.

    thx roys!

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