Finished Project one :D

ahh, finished my first project, not really finished but at least it’s good to go, just a little tweak here and there..

te-amy jewelry
Green it is and lots of gemstone too

now next to my new project, my own website :P i’m so lazy when designing my own website, i don’t know why. because it’s already white, who need a tweak anyway when it’s perfect in my eye. But i have to do it, i have to practice a lot if i want to go into designing. Right now i’m a back-end php programmer, i’ve got nothing to show beside the system work smooth :D .

I design this site with a little help from my friend, it’s mainly design for firefox, not IE or Opera but it’s not fundamental as long the client is happy, any critics are welcome.

btw this is my friends website too, it’s about Gemstone Jewelry, with main focus in selling Necklaces, Bracelets and Others type of jewelry like prayer beads.

te-amy jewelry
Canon A530 from marisa

Don’t u think the Jewelry pictures are good too?? :D Half of them are my creation, I use my Digicam Canon A530 to shoot it, when I’m taking pictures of the jewelry i just use plain white desk in my office and adjust the speed in to 1/15 or 1/5. For resolution i use 1600×1200, who need big resolution when i’m going to resize it anyway. I use Acdsee 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2 in editing, I don’t mainly use CS2, it’s too lenghty and heavy, the editing that i’m using is leveling to adjust the light composition in my pictures, auto contrast and sometimes reduce noise. even when i’m resizing i still use Acdsee. Of course i use Dreamweaver 8 in coding, i tried many editor like notepad++ and vi, but still dreamweaver is very addicting to use.

The theme in te-amy’s site is k2 custom theme, later on i want to create my own theme for my own website :D, wish me luck!

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