John Chow & Steve Pavlina VS Kumiko Cash Quest

Do u see opposing posts between John Chow and Steve Pavlina to Kumiko Suzuki? or is it just me?
I’m not talking about they both fighting or having a cold war, but they look like talking a great deal about Agloco

The topic caught me is when kumiko post about Agloco, there are four to five articles about it. The main issue is she was complaining about is Agloco will never make money, Viewbar is going to be suck and the last one posted on april13th is about Agloco won’t be paying the community.

After a couple of second reading her feed, i notice that my of personal development guru :D Steve Pavlina are posting about Agloco too on his blog, explaining about passive income. and i think, WTF coincidence! after reading his writing on personal development almost a year now, i never read him write about particularly one product (Agloco) very comprehensively. that’s when again i saw the opposing theme between both party. oh yeah if u still don’t understand what i’m writing about, let’s just say that John Chow and Steve Pavlina are pro’s with Agloco and Kumiko are the con’s.

John chow though famous for the make money online review, are always promoting about Agloco. One of them is when he passes the 11000 Agloco Sign-ups. Steve Pavlina and John Chow to me are one of the pioneer in the blog booming right now, they help defines the word “Content is King” to blogging. Both always offer help with their writings to the community in developing a great website and personal development. I still remembered the time when john never mention how much his income is and right now he already passes the US$8000 marks last march.

With John Chow make money online in his US$8000 a month and Steve Pavlina passing the US$40K income, both of them have a lot more experience in monetizing their web. I think i believe John and Steve with his Agloco opinion right now.

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Update: I change a little bit in this post to prevent misunderstanding :D

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3 thoughts on “John Chow & Steve Pavlina VS Kumiko Cash Quest”

  1. Halo salam kenal namanya kok bebek ijo sih ?Melihat artikel anda sungguh bagus. Di dalam kehidupan ini ada hal yang pasti selalu terjadi dan semuanya bersumber dari pikiran kita.Banyak buku mengemukakan bahwa kalo pikiran kita positif maka hasilnya pasti baik tapi kalo sebalinya tentu bisa diterka.
    Yah semua orang berpikir mau dapat pasif income tapi namanya juga kita dimana algoco dimana kalo sampai tidak dibayar yah resiko kita.Btw sudah nonton film The Secret belum…wow film ini sangat bagus banyak dari beberapa penulis blog di TDA yang membahas dan bahkan sudah ada yang mempraktekkan Law of Attraction..Mau tahu lebih lanjut boleh lah link ke atau mau dapat langsung pelajaran gratis dari Bob Proctor dan Jack Canfield klik aja ke
    Salam ya,

  2. Maybe you’re right Kat, but there’s nothing to loose here, it’s just using14 character on my sidebar
    thx for the tips btw,

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