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Couple days ago i had a lunch break at Platinum restaurant in Gajah Mada Plaza, Jakarta Barat. This is a franchise restaurant so expect mass product taste and middle to lower price range. Well i ordered a fried chicken with butter sauce. The taste isn’t good enough, not bad, but doesn’t good enough… The amount of of the food it’s enough for a one time lunch meal, not too much not too less. For a girl maybe it’s too much. i take a shoot the food there with my Canon A530.
Ayam Goreng Mentega
The reason why this menu doesn’t taste so good is because the chicken is quite stiff(cold) and the sauce IS NOT butter sauce but sweet sauce(kind of tomato sauce but more greasy). I thought with this amount of food would not fulfill my hunger, but actually it’s a large portion i tell u. oh yeah there’s a fried tofu(japan tofu) with it
My self on platinum restaurant
The second dishes that i see is what my friends ordered. the food is hainam rice chicken. I don’t know what it taste like, but i think it’s good, my friend always ordered that if we go to platinum on a lunch break. it’s quite a large dishes by the look of it.
Nasi Ayam Hainam
The third dishes is teriyaki combo, i think it’s not a teriyaki at all, it’s just a bunch of a fried sausage, slices meat and coleslaw with sweet sauce(like soy sauce but more light) on a hot plate.
Teriyaki Combo
For fun with friends this restaurant its quite cheap and cozy, not too bad after all (it’s a boring place after 3rd visit). With three menu ordered, 3 glasses of lemon tea and 1 glass of cappuccino it’s roughly cost around Rp. 75.000 ( around US$ 8 ).

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2 thoughts on “Eating at Platinum”

  1. Benkk, gue commentnya in indonesian language aja ya, he3. Restoran ini sebenernya salah satu kesukaan gue. Tapi kalo makan di sini, gue selalu mesen menu yang sama, Combo Steak. Menurut gue, Combo Steak itu murah di Platinum, gak nyampe 30 ribu, dapat sosis, steak ayam, steak daging plus kentang.

    Selain menu itu, gue nggak pernah pesen yang lain. Soalnya kalo dari yang pernah gue rasain dr makanan temen2 gue, yang lain rasanya biasa aja, he3.

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