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huhuhu never had a time to post on my site since new year :) been a bit busy this month, i create a couple of sites for client and one of the most recent site i create is for my beloved wife website about selling her stuff online :D

Well it’s not online store website, but rather a showcase of her work on customize flannel knit on shirt. She focuses on creating product for children by request. The site provide recent item on customize flannel knit. but enough of her stuff, i’d like to tell u more about the technical stuff of her site.

At first i create her site using a free themes using simple blog design, but long after that i notice that if she continue to use her site, she will get less exposure on her work. I was thinking in upgrading her site to a magazine themes site where the first page will be filled with her product structured by categories. But after a couple of thought the final decision is i was going to use a gallery themes.

Here are the screen shot on the old design

and here are the new design

The explicit advantage of using the new design is the total volume of the index page. The old design with pictures has around 736 kb and it is relative with content of the post, is the post is heavy with pictures or not. While the new design have more fixed size around 384kb to 400kb with more exposure on the index page, it’s fixed because the picture is resized into a fixed size.

To crop the picture automatically i use Darren Hoyt script timbthumb, Thank god for this script, i can downsize the custom field from 3 into one custom field only and the size of the picture is free as long it is wider than 330px.

The themes that i use is an already made theme from snapshoot woothemes, i use it to cut time in developing. Of course i use WordPress as the site engine and the necessary plugin for snapshoot is WP-PostRatings and WP-PageNavi. i also add shadowbox plugin to pop-up the pictures nicely and sharethis button.

In the future i’d like to put more plugins on the site, like db backup and google sitemap, but in the mean time i want to promote this site to my friends. U can visit her site at but its using Indonesian language. The keyword that i want to associate with the site is kaos flanel. but i’m proposing to her to create new product because i notice that this kind of product is getting dense in here, so the keyword is still not fixed for the site.

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2 thoughts on “Toko Dephe Site Launch”

  1. Haduu… saya makin si thimthumb ini selalu jelek tampilannya. Kayaknya ga cocok sama themesnya :sad: ( gak cocok apa o’on :lol: )

  2. :D ga jg ah, biasanya hasilnya dr timthumb jelek karena gambarnya ga cocok ato resolusinya kekecilan :P jd stretchingnya jelek, tp ni bener bandwidth saver bgt, jd org klo buka website jd cepetan lah, sbg catetan ga smua org punya adsl connection kan :P

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