a Wonderfull Afternoon

While battling against sleepy eyes i tried stumbling and found this website with its plenty full pictures, Imagechan. How time goes by just by clicking the pictures :D i open it up around 2pm and pow! its already 4pm,

the library for its stupid and funny pictures are astonishing (currently 3000 pictures) and yet are very simple GUI, yup that what keep me hanging on, just like stumbling but with a large button :P

some of the pictures are:

Image Hosted on Imagechan.com

this is i think taken from the mel gibson movie, and the another one is weird stuff from japan anime gundam, i never seen this before(?)

Image Hosted on Imagechan.com

The most fu**ing weird pic is this

Image Hosted on Imagechan.com

this is the weirdest pictures i’ve ever seen (in imagechan there’s no censoring ). i’m still awe along time seeing this pictures and thats what makes a wonderful afternoon to spend :D i’m not finished seeing all the pictures but I’m already halfway through. While u’re here maybe u’re interested in Eric Convey making faces emoticon too.

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