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It’s been a while

oh! The things we find while cleaning house!

It’s been a while since my last post. A couple of things that i want to do is redesign my website with the glittering responsive of HTML5 and CSS3. The theme that i use now is custom twentyten childthemes, i was too lazy with the function and just wanted to design the layout, so i use childthemes instead.

Life’s happens between now and my last post. I have a super awesome son, i got jobs, and move places. Got a couple of android also, from 2.3 china made tablet, 2.3smartphone to a new 4.0 tablet and 4.1 android smartphone. Have tried iPhone and iPad but felt too much boundaries, and hate to jailbreak it, if there’s a thing that i don’t like about android is, i don’t get root straight away, because i’d like to set my own firewall.

Have a new Asus win8 laptop with 24gb SSD + 500gb HDD, oh dear, because of this laptop, i understand the meaning of 15second boot time. It’s heavenly fast and lightweight 1.8kg (2kg with adapter).

Well that’s just about it on what i want to share now.