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yup, we totally loose :D

I felt awful when we loose to korea, but it’s just a game anyway.

before i continue on i took pictures at the game, hope it will be usefull for u guys!

Ticket Senayan Kelas 2

My ticket

Awal Pertandingan Senayan

The Stadium transition into the night

Getting dark at senayan
Perfect night!
Perfect Night at Senayan
Dark Sky
Dark Sky

All I can say that the crowd is just perfect, with almost 85 thousands ticket sold, it trembled the arena (Gelora Bung Karno), U could hear the tremble of Senayan shouting “Indonesia!” here in my video

I record this using my cheap camera Canon A530, there is another video while the crowd singing our national Anthem, but you could search it on youtube anyway :D

I’m currently redesigning my web, with K2 styles, what i hate about doing this, i have less taste in color and can’t photoshop well :( that’s why i have a difficult time redesigning and most of it i have to depend on other people to help me, which have a different pace with me. hope it will be finish this week or next week

Indonesia VS South Korea

Next Wednesday is going to be big, Our Soccer Team will challenge South Korea or “Korea Selatan” we called it.

I don’t really like soccer, but with the spirit of 80.000 people in the Senayan Stadium, i know i’ll get the hype in supporting our soccer team

This is one of the ticket that my friend have. It cost IDR 15.000 or around USD 1.5.

This is not my ticket, but will be if i don’t get the USD 7.5 one