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Do U know Nidji? It’s one of the famous band in Indonesia, imho it’s like the combination of Keane and Coldplay. I love their sense of music and love that piano play a strong role in their music . I really fond of them.

Last saturday i attend a wedding of my relative, it’s a great wedding and on the event Nidji sang a song there as a gift for their wedding. They sang two song acoustic “Bila aku jatuh cinta” (If I Fell in Love) and their newest song for ” Laskar Pelangi ” the movie.

Laskar Pelangi (or Rainbow Army in english) is a hit seller Novel on Indonesia, I really cant summarize this novel. I have one at my home, but after a few pages reading it, i cant grasp the story, so i gave it to my dearly beloved wife and she love it instantly.

i record them performing acoustic with my digicam. They could perform with the full band, sadly the first band before they come didn’t borrow their guitars, So Nidji had to perform acoustic with just a microphone and grand piano. Here are the video of them with song “Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta”

Video “Laskar Pelangi” Live Acoustically