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Don’t ever trust this kind of locks!! it’s easily breakable. U don’t need to be a thief to open this.

Three days ago my boss want me to fix his computer but the PC was lock with this kind lock and loss the key.

this lock is breakable

After a while we try to find a bolt cutter to cut the lock but we couldn’t find the cutter. then my friend Rahma tells me that was an easy task, u could see her in my writing in hectic days in the office (the one with the red ruby in her head). she tells me that we need to find a trigonal cliptrigonal clip

after finding it, we bend the trigonal clip into this shape..

pick that unlock the locks

twisted in the keyhole and then.. voila.., damn u can unlock it in just a few minutes, just to make sure u dont make the same mistake as my boss did, dont buy this kind of lock, this kind of method can be pratice on many size of locks as long it has similar keyhole.