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The Last Straw…

the last straw
by Sushanta Meh

What is a good hosting?
to me, a good web hosting is the clear communication that must be happen between me as the consumer and the hosting company as the provider. My last webhost company, Masterwebnet, doesn’t have that. There are three occasion when i message the technical support (on ym) because my website is down and i dont get a reply, even thought i connect the internet and the yahoo messenger all day long (almost 12hours straight). Since then i dont trust the online button on their web.

Last month was the worst, 17 down time and 10 of them are in a row. i couldn’t post anything on my site since my last post, because the down time is horrible.

A total of 33 down time in a year since july 2007 to 2008 (Site 30/60 Minute Checks with SiteUptime)

After the incident, i look for a new host even though i have 3 month left. I can’t take it anymore. Finding a good hosting is quite tricky, there a lot of site that are bashing webhost company but without proof and discount coupons on many website are plenty making it confusing to choose. But after a lot of consideration, my nominee for my next host are Asmallorange and Dreamhost. I read a lot of good word about asmallorange, many of them are about the fluent communication and the forum are very friendly IMHO. On Dreamhost, i knew a friend of mine (The Download Munkey) who host there and i never have any difficulty in accessing his website. oh yeah, he also have a promo discount code for dreamhost, just enter DOWNLOADMUNKEY in the promo code box while buying plans.

While looking around i try this site called swotti.com an opinion analyzer website. I try asmallorange keyword and found only one complaint about the host, the complaint i found it on asmallorange forum. That what makes me positive in choosing it as my next host. The site don’t oversell and it have a good communication reputation.

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