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Puspaningrum Theme

A couple of weeks ago, i got an email asking me to publish the design of the Thematic child themes of this site, so here it is. If u found bugs, just leave a comment or contact me.

The themes is simple and lightweight. Mostly i played only with font and layout, more about it you can read it here.


The Puspaningrum child themes uses two plugins. The CQS (custom query string) and Simply Yearly Archive. The CQS is to manage the view in the search, category, tags, archive month view and year view so it only appear four post for each page. The Simply Yearly Archive is for the archive page. Nevertheless the themes still work without the plugins.

How to use the Puspaningrum child theme

  1. Download the latest Thematic framework version here
  2. Download Puspaningrum themes
  3. If u want a custom query for the tags, category, search, year & month view appear nicely, just download CQS plugin here and set it like this screenshot
    cqs settings
  4. Download The Simply Yearly Archive if u want to have an archive page like this site
  5. if u want to change the logo just change logo.png (251x40px) in the images folder

Demo page? well just see the screenshot above or see this site, i currently use Puspaningrum theme. U can also add Google Analytics, just change the ID in functions.php line 159. The themes is GPL, a link back is appreciated but not required.