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Gettin Rid That Virus of Yours

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This post is to help Poppie get rid the virus on her laptop.

okay, you got virus on your PC and its makin you sick, so what to do?
To be honest here in Indonesia the virus is different from the majority virus around the world, because almost all of the local virus spread via devices such as flash disk or memory card. The method is also quite intriguing, they use social engineering (see example to understand better about this term) to disguise the virus.

e.g. to fool users they use folder or Microsoft office Icon to persuade on clicking the virus. Before they could appear on the folder, Windows usually initiate autoruns. While on autoruns, the virus on the flash disk or Memory card change the registry of all the folder on the device to permanent hidden and hide the extension of the file like .doc or .exe. The flash disk or memory card that is used to spread the virus are chosen because internet is still not a common thing in Indonesia. The computer rental or the internet cafe are usually the hive of it.

social engineering
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Seeing this pattern, i notice that no antivirus from outside Indonesia could handle it quickly, the famous brontok virus is not recognize by Norton Antivirus until a month, Mcafee too. The only antivirus right now in my experience that could manage Local virus quickly from outside Indonesia are AVG and Kaspersky.

Luckily there’s a Local PC magazine that are taken the initiative in making antivirus for local virus. The Magazine are PC MEDIA with his famous antivirus PCMAV.
They use two method in bashing away the virus, their own signature of key of local antivirus and use Clam AV (Open Source Antivirus) database to eliminate from international virus.
The biggest advantage i think the Antivirus itself it’s portable and downright slim, 2mb only the PCMAV and 18mb with the Clamav main db, daily db and local library.

To use it right away u could donwload it here

Download PCMAV antivirus July Edition (2mb)
International Link

Local Connection (Indonesia)

Download PCMAV Antivirus with main+daily update of CLAMAV antivirus and the required library for windows XP (June 20th update db, 18mb)
International Link

Local Connection

Beside the famous signature of local antivirus, PCMAV have some downside, u can’t setup proxy for updating, u need to cure/heal the file manually by pressing the cure/heal button and if u have 512mb ram, well prepare to stop working for a couple of hour. The scanning process is quite long, it may take up for 2hour+ for a full 80 gig of harddisk. But the scanning is perfect it may catches virus that unidentified by AVG or AVAST antivirus. The bad thing is if you’re using system restore on your XP you better turn it off for a while. sometimes if the virus identified as system file and it is locked, u can’t fix it with PCMAV that where other software come handy.

by Ng?c Hà

There are two other free software that is a must have on my PC regarding security, Unlocker and COMODO firewall (The best Firewall IMHO). Like i said before, there are file are locked and can’t be fixed with PCMAV, Unlocker work perfectly in EVERY SITUATION like this, there almost hundred of incident i’ve solved with Unlocker. Unlocker is a free software and a solution for (and i quote from the website )

Cannot delete file: Access is denied
There has been a sharing violation.
The source or destination file may be in use.
The file is in use by another program or user.
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

unlocker screenshot
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Unlocker unlock all of this issue, if u cant unlock it right away, Unlocker will unlock and delete it(if requested) after reboot. download it at http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/ . Genius app!!

For firewall, i use Comodo Firewall, this is the best firewall there is, at first u may find tedious to approve EVERY application that want to connect to the internet, but once it identified it as a safe application u dont have to approve it anymore.

Actually there’s one little DOS command script that i make to remove permanent hidden on folder or file that have been damage with the virus. A really small script (1 kb) and u can read the content of the script with notepad. Use this script ONLY INSIDE REMOVABLE STORAGE or partition drive that doesn’t have Windows System folder (e.g if u have windows folder on C: , dont use this script on drive C:).
Download it Here
International Link

Local Link (Indonesia)