I want to tell you about my dormitory when I was in Nias. At the first time, its 7 people live here. Its me, Akbar, Kak Priska, Bang Freddy, Pak Kadek, Pak Zai and Bang Telli as the house keeper. And Amangboru Gurning as the last person who comes here. On week end we usually worked together. See, this is Bang Freddy ironing his clothes.
This is Bang Telli sweeping the floor.
And Kak Priska washing her clothes.
After finished with all our things, we usually sat together in front of the television. Look at this picture! We never forget to smile.
Sometimes we went to the beach for swimming or just sitting there and have some drink. See, this is me, Akbar and Kak Priska after swimming.
Hmm…. Lovely dormitory. I will miss it.