Don’t ever trust this kind of locks!! it’s easily breakable. U don’t need to be a thief to open this.

Three days ago my boss want me to fix his computer but the PC was lock with this kind lock and loss the key.

this lock is breakable

After a while we try to find a bolt cutter to cut the lock but we couldn’t find the cutter. then my friend Rahma tells me that was an easy task, u could see her in my writing in hectic days in the office (the one with the red ruby in her head). she tells me that we need to find a trigonal cliptrigonal clip

after finding it, we bend the trigonal clip into this shape..

pick that unlock the locks

twisted in the keyhole and then.. voila.., damn u can unlock it in just a few minutes, just to make sure u dont make the same mistake as my boss did, dont buy this kind of lock, this kind of method can be pratice on many size of locks as long it has similar keyhole.

Quality browsing…

I wrote this kind of topic before my website crash last January. Last time I wrote how i always use StumbleUpon as a source of my quality browsing. Stumble upon is a Firefox pluggins if u dont know, right now available for Internet Explorer also. I don’t have international account to pay them for their service that they gave, so i’d like promote them via my website as a saying thanks. Just want to let you know that StumbleUpon is the best Firefox pluggins, the best ever!!! first of all it change how u view the net, hell! it even change how u browse, u just click stumble! all the way till u drop, it’ll give the best site that u WANT to see. i’m not bragging or being sponsored, but i’d like to share it with every one.

In achieving what I called quality browsing there are a couple of website that i regularly visit before doing my job and checking my e-mail. They’re all community website off course, they represent the essence of web2.0 i think. usually i always visit daily rotation to search interesting stories what are on the net. This site fill their page with a lot of website headlines all over the world and it is light weight, u can even choose the site that u want to see. But upon my stumbling, i found another interesting site that is similar to daily rotation, i found POPURLS. U could say that this site is a copy of daily rotation (i dont know who comes first) but refine them with more interesting function, it catch flickr and youtube too, it’s a nice features i tell u. U could feel the power of css in this site, how it differentiate to a more savvy state. Another site that is a MUST for me to see is (even though it’s in popurls). is a social bookmark website similar to digg main function but in my views is more solid. if i ever stuck in anything.. if Google doesn’t help me.. then i use, i even change my firefox bookmark with

There’s is one more site that i think have a good quality, the site is similar to all of social bookmark site, but this site only takes the essential of the page that takes your attention, it takes a clip of each page. by using clipmarks firefox pluggin in building their content, Clipmarks, i think offer the same funnest(can u find a thesaurus in that word? :D ) in browsing around web equal to digg. I’m no expert in social bookmark site, but i just like to share it with every body.

Mask Man!!!!

:D This is still my friend who work as a design product labor. U can see him while preparing a model clay (maybe?) using his mask, this is quite funny. a bright idea in designing a mask.

mask 1

there’s another one

mask 2

and there’s another one where he wrinkling his whisker…

Don’t forget! this is the last pic with the mask, because he already out from that company, couldn’t stand the tense maybe working in a factory….

:D this is all nice isn’t it?

Lunch is Served

My friend work outside Jakarta, he work as a product designer labour in one of major electronic company in Indonesia. The company is quite large but doesn’t mean that u’ll get a great food in lunch. The food was was prepared by the company, so u didn’t have a lot of choices in eating lunch.

makan siang

They get two fried fish(“Ikan Kembung” in Indonesian), one “Kerupuk”, a scoop of rice, a little hot sauce (“Sambel”) and once a month get an ice cream. Sometimes i was happy to see that i have a large variation of food in the place where i was working.

a hectic day at the office

Every body was complaining about my work, they don’t believe me that i do alot of job in this so called half goverment company :D . This is the pic that i shoot when i was in the company to show how busy we are.

selling jewelry

In the busiest day of our job, we (our division) could slip a little time to find another income from our small so called small salary, the 2nd girl from the right were selling jewelry, she made a necklace and bracelet from original Swarovski crystal. Next week i’ll made a web site for her.rahma india

This girl even have the time to pose like that! can u imagine how little time that she and we have in our office. oh the humanity….


The girl in the middle is always counting money


she was searching side jobs too , so she need to keep her head low while counting the drug money :D so she counted her moneyon the floor.


U couldn’t get enough bling-bling in one hand, u COULD wear ALL the necklace and the bracelet in your hand. that’s the freedom in our office. but that’s not me, i dont wear bling-bling.


There’s nothing wrong with a little bit torturing in the office right? no animal were harm during this picture taken. :D

See this is my every day life, u can imagine how busy i am and everybody else in here.

My Boss’s Birthday

Last week my development directorate have a birthday and bought an Opera cake from harvest cakes.
Opera Cake from Harvest
This picture i get from the harvest website.The taste of the cake it’s like cappuccino cake or coffee cake. We get 20 X 30cm size and the nice thing is we share ONLY for 6 person in our division, everybody are in Cilegon (Banten Province Near Jakarta). So everybody has a very large portion of the cake.
Well that’s week ago, now my boss is having a birthday, i thought that we are goin out to a restaurant or something on lunch (her treat) but we can’t because there’s one employee of my division are in Lampung, so we wait for his comeback. But until his comeback from out of town, my boss bought us a cake :D (oh I love my division). The cake is Strawberry Cheese Cake from harvest too.
Strawberry Cheese Cake
The cake is quite tasty, but u can’t eat it too often, because it really make your stomach full. The cheese are combine with strawberry on top(Doh!) and the texture of the cake are soft with sweet cream surrounding the cake. The strawberry aren’t sweet but still it’s a nice experience eating this cake. The Cost of the Cake that my boss bought is around Rp.230.000 size 20 X 30cm. it’s around US$24. if u bought it with delivery add US$4.

Best Musical Movie Ever!!!!! and a strange movie.

If you don’t think Jack Black and his band Tenacious D are cool, you better pass this story. Couple days ago i just watch the coolest musical movie ever!! the title of the movie is Pick of Destiny. I mean this movie really rocks! the song are really in into the movies, okay the story sometime quite lame, like cock push-up(?) and the sasquatch. but the music really blend with the action, what i meant with action is the rocking that jack black and kyle gass do.
Pick of Destiny Picture
This movie represent the spirit of one of Tenacious D song from his first album “The Greatest Song in The World”. The movie is the longer version video clip of this song in my opinion, the story of both of them trying to change the world of rock history forever.
The other movie that i think strange but nice is the “Stranger than Fiction” by Will Ferrel. (watch out spoiler!!)Beside his cool watch, this movie has a strange plot, i mean really strange plot, Will Ferrel (Harold) is becoming a character in someone novel while the novel is being written. I recommended this movie if u just want to see a popcorn movie.
Stranger than Fiction Movie
i know i am quite late watching this movie, it is because i rarely watch in theater, i need specific time if i want to go to a movie. Even though i still recommended every one to watch this movies. oh yeah the “Pick of Destiny” have a very sarcastic language (say f*** every 3-5 minutes or so except while they’re rockin!!)

unique gift from my friend

Couple days ago i was cleaning my room, i stumble a gift from my beloved friends in college, from all of my craziest days in my college years and all of my friends, this gift was so unique that make smile every time i saw it. i dont understand why she gave me this gift, it’s kind of stupid actually, the last time i get strange gift is when i was in my mid high school, i get a toothpaste as farewell gift. i though that was strange but the gift that i get from my college friends always made me smile when i was alone in my room.
ini Sisir Biru dari Popie
after checking in the flee market this comb cost around Rp.1500 or around US$20 cent.

Eating at Platinum

Couple days ago i had a lunch break at Platinum restaurant in Gajah Mada Plaza, Jakarta Barat. This is a franchise restaurant so expect mass product taste and middle to lower price range. Well i ordered a fried chicken with butter sauce. The taste isn’t good enough, not bad, but doesn’t good enough… The amount of of the food it’s enough for a one time lunch meal, not too much not too less. For a girl maybe it’s too much. i take a shoot the food there with my Canon A530.
Ayam Goreng Mentega
The reason why this menu doesn’t taste so good is because the chicken is quite stiff(cold) and the sauce IS NOT butter sauce but sweet sauce(kind of tomato sauce but more greasy). I thought with this amount of food would not fulfill my hunger, but actually it’s a large portion i tell u. oh yeah there’s a fried tofu(japan tofu) with it
My self on platinum restaurant
The second dishes that i see is what my friends ordered. the food is hainam rice chicken. I don’t know what it taste like, but i think it’s good, my friend always ordered that if we go to platinum on a lunch break. it’s quite a large dishes by the look of it.
Nasi Ayam Hainam
The third dishes is teriyaki combo, i think it’s not a teriyaki at all, it’s just a bunch of a fried sausage, slices meat and coleslaw with sweet sauce(like soy sauce but more light) on a hot plate.
Teriyaki Combo
For fun with friends this restaurant its quite cheap and cozy, not too bad after all (it’s a boring place after 3rd visit). With three menu ordered, 3 glasses of lemon tea and 1 glass of cappuccino it’s roughly cost around Rp. 75.000 ( around US$ 8 ).

Lighting is everything

Since the 1st of february i was planning to buy a digital camera, not an expensive one as long as it have a nice megapixel and u have a lot of control in taking the picture,such as ISO control, flashlight, zooming etc. I’ve been surveying trough the web, and there’s a couple of things that u should know when u buy a digital camera(as a beginner). These things are:

  • Megapixel doesn’t mean that much to get a quality foto, as long as it look sharp and doesn’t have a lot of noise than it’s okay(to me), not to small of course.
  • Lighting is everything. Before u bought it, try the camera. try with the outside environment of the shop because occasionally the lighting in a shop is very good, so u cant emulate the real picture in ur real life situation. Try with the flashlight off, ask the seller to change the ISO setting, anything. so u can be sure with ur camera in the low lighting situation. exp of a low lighting environment is in a wedding, sometimes when u shoot with ur camera with the flashlight on, the background became dark. So just to be sure try many setting before u bought it.

I’m not a pro in photography but i do know what kind of good pictures look like, so i want to get a camera that was good enough to take picture of my friends and beloved ones. With this kind of simple knowledge i think it’s sufficient enough to buy a new camera without the hassle of understanding new technology.After surveying the web, i got 2 website that (to me) was qualified enough to get a decent review. the first one was the and the other one i forgot to bookmark it :D is Imaging Resource. after read a lot of review i realize that i don’t have enough money to buy a good camera with anti shake features and large optical zoom. My budget was around US$150-250. Seeing my condition was lack of money i took chances to buy an entry class camera with a lot of manual control. My bet was on Canon and Olympus camera(Kodak: too much noise, Casio: no manual control, Sony cybershot: i rarely read reviews about Sony before so i dare not to buy it, Samsung: the entry class was horrible), both features a great experience in photoing ( forgive me for my lack of vocabulary :P ).

Testing kamera

After testing the camera, Olympus(i forgot what type, around US$190) was great on the large LCD and the result of the picture(best antishake) but lack of viewfinder, expensive memory card(xdcard) and because of the large LCD means it’s goin to be short battery life. on Canon i tested 2 three type of camera A410 and A530, four actually but that was slightly out of my budget so i intensively tested the two type. The conclusion was that A410 was the cheapest one with the price range between US$110 and A530 is US$145, both feature the same technology with the A410 less features(doh’). the A530 was good (not great) on the result with auto setting, but sometimes quite blurry pictures and slow loading shutterspeed, using SD Card means cheaper photo storage. But alas with that kind of price range US$140 and almost the same features as A630, i bought(with original warranty) the damn thing :D . And not just that, i bought it with a package 1GB SD card and camera bag. hahaha so cheap!

this is a sample of the picture taking from my A530. My computer.

my computer

My friend who accompany me in buying the camera

my friend aput

so that the story of my ventures in buying a good and cheap camera :D . good luck in finding yours!

Update February 22nd 2007:

The quality of the picture is quite good, often shaky(i wish i bought those olympus :( ) but the battery is killing me, it’s doesn’t get to 100 shot, already i had to buy a new battery. I don’t know why it need to change battery often, is it because i took a lot of picture or because i change the setting often

Update March 24 2007:

I bought a cheap rechargeable battery. right know it has a long span of battery life. after a lot of consideration, actually my camera is quite good comparing to all of my friends camera(2 Sony, 4 Kodak, 1 Samsung and 1 Olympus), it has the manual control that satisfy me for my hunger of controling. The auto setting act like shit in the result and don’t ever use the flashlight if u want a good picture quality. i shoot 1036 pictures since i bought this camera, it’s a fun experience in searching a right combination of color but i’m stil suck at searching angles.

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