1st rule to be good at all of digital things

Have a good freaking internet connection

Apparently, what I thought is really obvious, is not always in every ones mind.

You cannot work without internet, well you can but communicating with client, inspiration source, coordinating with third party, analytic. It’s the blood of digital.

It’s a bit facepalm saying & explaining this, but seriously, have a good freaking internet connection.

To me, there’s no reason to come to the office early or on time if the connection is really bad, it’s just a waste of productive time.


I love Ello, I prefer it more that other social media, beside my own blog of course. Because I felt like it’s not rigged and no ads, means i’m not tracked.

But until it have an android mobile app, i’m going to have a bit of a hard time using it on mobile

Learn the Architecture.

interesting reading from HackerNews, Do Not Learn Frameworks. Learn the Architecture.

They promise us a magic button that will solve all of our problems. As a result, people get used to applying it and cannot decompose complex things, separate the wheat from the chaff.


My view on this, is framework is more of a consensus to a problem that have been solved before, an alternative to a better solutions that have been found. The use of framework will be useful because it’s maintain the community, the maintenance of an app built by this framework will be easier because the documentation and the community behind it.

This article remind me to be a really slow learner, because understanding how it works really matter in the long run.

AdVenture Capitalist on Steam

One of my favorite game on android has come to steam. Yes, this is one of my favorite, i know someone could be bored to death with this game, want to know why? see the screenshot below


yeah…. that’s just about it, you just invest which business that you’d like… actually at the end you just click anything that you could put your money on.

The amount of money are illogical i think, on my android my lemonade stand generate $35.243 quattuorquadragin per second, yup it’s a lot of money for a lemonade stand. Because the nature of my position as an investor i dont need to give a damn about the chain of production of a lemonade stand, i just get the income information per second.

If my income seems to stuck for a long time, i just sell all of my business in exchange of angels that generate interest… yes, sell all of it, i dont need to bother with the severance, labour union, government etc. Just restart the business with a silver spoon.

and the best of it, if you dont play the game, its still generate income, you could say, its the best passive income game ever :)

House of Cards

Just watched House of Cards season 3. Dear god, this politic drama is really good, not as good as season 1 or 2 though, season 3 a bit dramatic, in term, the problem kept coming just to keep the show more interested i think.

Kevin Spacey in the TV serie "House of Cards"

I love House of Cards because it shows how it really represent politic in the real
life i think, made me think the perspective of each event happens in government and try to see the macro event that happening and by that, it shows how dirty politic is.

Right now i’m intending to watch the season 1 again.

That sale


Last Steam summer sale really ruined up my intention in scheduled writing for my site. I bought a bunch of games but I think the summersale is not as awesome as last year summersale, there are a lot repeated game that are on daily flash etc.

Nevertheless I bought a lot of them, and sadly after the sale is over… The Humble Bundle sale are on with an incredible game bundle, I bought it up immediately afterward. and again after that… and again after that.

It adds up a bunch of games on my game backlog and I made a promise to myself that I shall finished every games that I just bought. It’s a been a success after that, finish 4 games and now I’m currently playing Retro City Rampage and Saint Row 3.

Oh yeah I’ve also use Instagram and Path quite a lot now, I know I am late comer I am, but that’s because I didn’t get Instagram and Path at first; prefer FB or Twitter over it. Now with the FB android apps still looks like crap (Facebook Home can’t installed on my phone and tablet, both of them are dual core, so it’s not the spec that didn’t met) and I want to get a hang in street photography so I started to use instagram even more and Path for personal life.

Oh yeah here’s the link to my Instagram if you’re interested, here’s my badge


And yeah it’s true about Instagram that a lot of your pictures looks good on phone but looks like crap on HD (not all of them, most of them because shaky), but who cares, I can take pictures of what I think is awesome on the street and edit it right it away without a hassle.

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