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Simple Way to Check Whether Your Gmail Account Has Been Hack or Not

There are two of my favorite site in my google reader that their domain name has been stolen, and David Airey. All of the incident have two things in commons, they both use Gmail as their web mail to store valuable information and use Goddady as their Registrar.

I dont want to discuss about Godaddy but i would like to describe about Gmail, because by far Gmail to me is the best web mail, and i’d like to share tips to check whether you account has been hack or not.

One of the common method to know whether your gmail account has been compromised by cracker (Person who use hacking to do evil things) is by checking the “Filters” and the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” in the setting page of your Gmail. This is just one way to check whether your gmail has been compromised or not, i don’t know other method.

Here is the step by step with the screenshot:

  1. Click on “Settings” on the right above corner of your gmail
  2. here are a closer one, click on “Settings”

  3. Then click on “Filters” tab
  4. If u never use Filters tab before then there should be no list in it, but if you have use it, check the filters and double check to make sure you dont forward it to unidentified email.

    If u found a list on the filters that u dont know, delete it right away.

  5. Last Check the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” Tab
  6. From Web IV

    if u never use any of these feature or even understand it, just disabled it all, To disable it set it in to
    Forwarding: Disable
    POP Download: 1. Status: POP is disabled
    IMAP Access:1. Status: IMAP is disabled

Capiche? u could leave a comment to ask more.

OMG, There are unauthorized changes that i didn’t know?!
(like adding filter or POP setting)!!

First delete it right away and change the gmail password.
If u ever store password about others critical site on your gmail account, for god sake change it quickly.

Make your password really strong, u could check how strong your password in Microsoft Password checker and read about Strong passwords: How to create and use them(Microsoft) too. Note: if u still not confident using Gmail, u could always use Yahoo or personal email using your domain name.

To go depth in to the process of Gmail hijacking, u could read in detail at GNUCITIZEN site in Google GMail E-mail Hijack Technique

Gmail also keeps a list of the last few IPs that have logged in at the bottom of the page. Much easier to keep track of * From: Nuke It dot Org

Here are the screenshot to see the IP log

Click on the “Details” to see the IP log for the last IP on 5-12 hours

Just found an interesting new post from Gnucitizen and others about Gmail Exploit

Securing Your WordPress Site

pic by petervanallen

phew, i just updated my site, i read an article from MyTestBox “Is your WordPress blog hacked? Why not upgrade to the latest version?” and realize how fragile my site is. I think anyone who have wordpress blog should know this.

Here are a couple of things that i didn’t know it would be key point factor in securing my site.

  1. The wordpress default plugin directory is not secured, so anyone can see what plugin i’ve installed, in case u want to see it the default directory is in here “”.
  2. Change my admin password regularly, lucky i’ve just download a portable password manager KeePass Password Safe Portable couple of days ago. There’s a built in password generator in it (dont forget to click save after u’ve save all of your password).

There’s also a lot of recommended plugin in the site. And i thought updating my site with the latest wordpress is enough.

WordPress Admin Management Xtended

building blog
Pic by scorpio_magic

I have a confession, I suck making category for my writing at this site :( that’s why i always confuse what category supposed for my posts and after that i put it in the same category over and over again, after a while i realize what should be the category of the writing and edit the post and save again. it’s a tedious task.

My biggest problem with it right now, i want to change all category of my post in the past with the appropriate ones so it became readable if i want to search it. but editing one by one is hideous, but i considered myself lucky because my writing is still not much (around 170 post), what if my writing like Mr. Roy at if i’m not mistaken he once had 150 post in a month?! that a great deal of works if he want to change all category of the posts. Before i had a lot of post like him i’d like to change it quick and that’s when i think there’s should be a WordPress plugin for mass changing category and tags.

Looking at the WordPress Extend Plugins Resources found this fantastic plugins, WordPress Admin Management Xtended. It not going to let you mass category change, but it will let u change it via the manage admin view.

Under the action text u could see those blue button which function as changing the date, allow comment or not etc. It’s a superb plugin imho, btw there’s a video explaining the function of Admin Management Xtended

While I add plugin for category i also add

All of this plugin i read it at Top 10 must install plugins for WordPress users!

Gettin Rid That Virus of Yours

Cute cat
pic by ninakupendaVIPS

This post is to help Poppie get rid the virus on her laptop.

okay, you got virus on your PC and its makin you sick, so what to do?
To be honest here in Indonesia the virus is different from the majority virus around the world, because almost all of the local virus spread via devices such as flash disk or memory card. The method is also quite intriguing, they use social engineering (see example to understand better about this term) to disguise the virus.

e.g. to fool users they use folder or Microsoft office Icon to persuade on clicking the virus. Before they could appear on the folder, Windows usually initiate autoruns. While on autoruns, the virus on the flash disk or Memory card change the registry of all the folder on the device to permanent hidden and hide the extension of the file like .doc or .exe. The flash disk or memory card that is used to spread the virus are chosen because internet is still not a common thing in Indonesia. The computer rental or the internet cafe are usually the hive of it.

social engineering
pic by karl151k

Seeing this pattern, i notice that no antivirus from outside Indonesia could handle it quickly, the famous brontok virus is not recognize by Norton Antivirus until a month, Mcafee too. The only antivirus right now in my experience that could manage Local virus quickly from outside Indonesia are AVG and Kaspersky.

Luckily there’s a Local PC magazine that are taken the initiative in making antivirus for local virus. The Magazine are PC MEDIA with his famous antivirus PCMAV.
They use two method in bashing away the virus, their own signature of key of local antivirus and use Clam AV (Open Source Antivirus) database to eliminate from international virus.
The biggest advantage i think the Antivirus itself it’s portable and downright slim, 2mb only the PCMAV and 18mb with the Clamav main db, daily db and local library.

To use it right away u could donwload it here

Download PCMAV antivirus July Edition (2mb)
International Link

Local Connection (Indonesia)

Download PCMAV Antivirus with main+daily update of CLAMAV antivirus and the required library for windows XP (June 20th update db, 18mb)
International Link

Local Connection

Beside the famous signature of local antivirus, PCMAV have some downside, u can’t setup proxy for updating, u need to cure/heal the file manually by pressing the cure/heal button and if u have 512mb ram, well prepare to stop working for a couple of hour. The scanning process is quite long, it may take up for 2hour+ for a full 80 gig of harddisk. But the scanning is perfect it may catches virus that unidentified by AVG or AVAST antivirus. The bad thing is if you’re using system restore on your XP you better turn it off for a while. sometimes if the virus identified as system file and it is locked, u can’t fix it with PCMAV that where other software come handy.

by Ng?c Hà

There are two other free software that is a must have on my PC regarding security, Unlocker and COMODO firewall (The best Firewall IMHO). Like i said before, there are file are locked and can’t be fixed with PCMAV, Unlocker work perfectly in EVERY SITUATION like this, there almost hundred of incident i’ve solved with Unlocker. Unlocker is a free software and a solution for (and i quote from the website )

Cannot delete file: Access is denied
There has been a sharing violation.
The source or destination file may be in use.
The file is in use by another program or user.
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

unlocker screenshot
pic by freewareblog

Unlocker unlock all of this issue, if u cant unlock it right away, Unlocker will unlock and delete it(if requested) after reboot. download it at . Genius app!!

For firewall, i use Comodo Firewall, this is the best firewall there is, at first u may find tedious to approve EVERY application that want to connect to the internet, but once it identified it as a safe application u dont have to approve it anymore.

Actually there’s one little DOS command script that i make to remove permanent hidden on folder or file that have been damage with the virus. A really small script (1 kb) and u can read the content of the script with notepad. Use this script ONLY INSIDE REMOVABLE STORAGE or partition drive that doesn’t have Windows System folder (e.g if u have windows folder on C: , dont use this script on drive C:).
Download it Here
International Link

Local Link (Indonesia)

Firefox 3 Download Day!!

Download Day

Interested in making Firefox as The Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours?
Firefox 3 is coming around this time of year and i’m sure participating this event will make big changes on people perspective on Firefox, as a person who use Firefox extensively i’m encouraging u to join Firefox 3 Download Day.

Well for those whose uncertain with the monstrosity features that Firefox offer is i can tell u this, if u decided to try, don’t just download the Firefox browser (even thought they have neat features), also installed them with thousand of useful plugins or add-ons.

Among the add-ons that i’ve installed is No-Script for the notoriously safe browsing and Stumbleupon for changing how u look the web.

if u’re uncertain with the thousands of add-ons that are available in the directory of firefox add-ons, well u can’t go wrong with
. With the immense feature of the toolbar itself i think u don’t really need to install another plugins (except stumbleupon of course :P )

So dont hesitate using Firefox and join in pledge in Firefox 3 Download Day!!
Download Day - English

According to my google analytics there are 35% of my reader still using Internet Explorer, if u doesn’t convince with my statement, i’m sure there are 562527298 people who’ll be more convincing (data from Spread Firefox 2008 – 05 – 29). Just click the picture to join Download Day or click the Google Toolbar to get Firefox with toolbar

Logo Philosophy?

Logo logo
This last month i was designing new logos for an internal magazine logo competition, currently 6 of them i have created but not yet submitted. The first time i read about it, i said to myself “That freakin easy”, i just find a great set of font or ask my friend who work as a designer to make it for me and split the reward.
After created enough material to be registered at the competition, i face an enormous hurdle that i underestimated at first. The competition required a narrated story behind the logo or the philosophy of the logo. After sought through, its really hard to tell the philosophy, It’s a magazine logo for god sake! just a set of word, with no picture in it! i once have this requirement to describe the philosophy of my design in a t-shirt competition, i fluently describe it, because there a pictures on it! and a lot of color variation too. In this logo magazine competition i have a hard time to describe it, there’s already a theme for the design logo, it’s “modesty in transformation”… so what is the point to be narrated again?
Maybe i’m still inexperienced in designing or i didn’t get the spirit of the magazine, but still, i search a reference to help me understand better in designing. I read David Airey in helping me understand better in designing (I graduated from Sociology faculty, so please bare with me if there’s something irregular in my design). I’ve been reading David Airey feed for a while now, he had great writing about logo design, one of them are Typography tips and advice for graphic design students. I hope i could finished the task before this monday, because its the deadline. Wish me luck :D

Download Youtube, Stage6 Directly from Firefox!! Without Extension too!

As a avid reader of makeuseof, i found this great tips about using Firefox to download directly videos from youtube or stage6. To make it easy to get the big picture, just watch the video from jimmyr

After watching this, i felt like What a Wow! (quote from Indarto), this is awesome, i don’t need any third party installment, just use the bookmark feature and voila!!
Oh yeah at first trial i get a stumble in doing it, i don’t find the place where to bookmark the address told from the video, after searching it, i found it in his info in video, just open and click the “more” button in the info of the video. copy link and save it as bookmark.
if u’re in a hurry, This the link




Don’t ever trust this kind of locks!! it’s easily breakable. U don’t need to be a thief to open this.

Three days ago my boss want me to fix his computer but the PC was lock with this kind lock and loss the key.

this lock is breakable

After a while we try to find a bolt cutter to cut the lock but we couldn’t find the cutter. then my friend Rahma tells me that was an easy task, u could see her in my writing in hectic days in the office (the one with the red ruby in her head). she tells me that we need to find a trigonal cliptrigonal clip

after finding it, we bend the trigonal clip into this shape..

pick that unlock the locks

twisted in the keyhole and then.. voila.., damn u can unlock it in just a few minutes, just to make sure u dont make the same mistake as my boss did, dont buy this kind of lock, this kind of method can be pratice on many size of locks as long it has similar keyhole.

Lighting is everything

Since the 1st of february i was planning to buy a digital camera, not an expensive one as long as it have a nice megapixel and u have a lot of control in taking the picture,such as ISO control, flashlight, zooming etc. I’ve been surveying trough the web, and there’s a couple of things that u should know when u buy a digital camera(as a beginner). These things are:

  • Megapixel doesn’t mean that much to get a quality foto, as long as it look sharp and doesn’t have a lot of noise than it’s okay(to me), not to small of course.
  • Lighting is everything. Before u bought it, try the camera. try with the outside environment of the shop because occasionally the lighting in a shop is very good, so u cant emulate the real picture in ur real life situation. Try with the flashlight off, ask the seller to change the ISO setting, anything. so u can be sure with ur camera in the low lighting situation. exp of a low lighting environment is in a wedding, sometimes when u shoot with ur camera with the flashlight on, the background became dark. So just to be sure try many setting before u bought it.

I’m not a pro in photography but i do know what kind of good pictures look like, so i want to get a camera that was good enough to take picture of my friends and beloved ones. With this kind of simple knowledge i think it’s sufficient enough to buy a new camera without the hassle of understanding new technology.After surveying the web, i got 2 website that (to me) was qualified enough to get a decent review. the first one was the and the other one i forgot to bookmark it :D is Imaging Resource. after read a lot of review i realize that i don’t have enough money to buy a good camera with anti shake features and large optical zoom. My budget was around US$150-250. Seeing my condition was lack of money i took chances to buy an entry class camera with a lot of manual control. My bet was on Canon and Olympus camera(Kodak: too much noise, Casio: no manual control, Sony cybershot: i rarely read reviews about Sony before so i dare not to buy it, Samsung: the entry class was horrible), both features a great experience in photoing ( forgive me for my lack of vocabulary :P ).

Testing kamera

After testing the camera, Olympus(i forgot what type, around US$190) was great on the large LCD and the result of the picture(best antishake) but lack of viewfinder, expensive memory card(xdcard) and because of the large LCD means it’s goin to be short battery life. on Canon i tested 2 three type of camera A410 and A530, four actually but that was slightly out of my budget so i intensively tested the two type. The conclusion was that A410 was the cheapest one with the price range between US$110 and A530 is US$145, both feature the same technology with the A410 less features(doh’). the A530 was good (not great) on the result with auto setting, but sometimes quite blurry pictures and slow loading shutterspeed, using SD Card means cheaper photo storage. But alas with that kind of price range US$140 and almost the same features as A630, i bought(with original warranty) the damn thing :D . And not just that, i bought it with a package 1GB SD card and camera bag. hahaha so cheap!

this is a sample of the picture taking from my A530. My computer.

my computer

My friend who accompany me in buying the camera

my friend aput

so that the story of my ventures in buying a good and cheap camera :D . good luck in finding yours!

Update February 22nd 2007:

The quality of the picture is quite good, often shaky(i wish i bought those olympus :( ) but the battery is killing me, it’s doesn’t get to 100 shot, already i had to buy a new battery. I don’t know why it need to change battery often, is it because i took a lot of picture or because i change the setting often

Update March 24 2007:

I bought a cheap rechargeable battery. right know it has a long span of battery life. after a lot of consideration, actually my camera is quite good comparing to all of my friends camera(2 Sony, 4 Kodak, 1 Samsung and 1 Olympus), it has the manual control that satisfy me for my hunger of controling. The auto setting act like shit in the result and don’t ever use the flashlight if u want a good picture quality. i shoot 1036 pictures since i bought this camera, it’s a fun experience in searching a right combination of color but i’m stil suck at searching angles.

Google hack query Summary (yes, another one… )

On January the 8Th, my website crash, and the database couldn’t be recovered. So i lost all of my writing…, well i could recover it, but I’m just too lazy to do it :P . It’s just 15-20 writings and I want to start a fresh new blog with new template off course. This kind of accident teach me that i should prepare backups of my writing once a week or more often. Well no pain no gain.

First of all I’d like to compile all writing i read about googling as a reminder for my self. there’s a couple web site that help me a lot on this writing, all of them l’ll wrote it in the last paragraph in this writing.
Usually in websites there’s a directory that are open in public. not all of them but a lots of them usually store interesting film, music or even books. In this directory there’s a generated note that this is an open directory when u open it and contain a list of files in that current directory. yada yada yada…so if u want to check it it use this query or just click it:

-inurl(html|htm|php|asp|aspx|pl|py|cgi|tcl) intitle:”index of” + “last modified” + “parent directory” + description + size

With the above google query it’ll show all open query, but if u want to connect it with some topic or some person, let say Jessica Simpson, just added in the back of the query so it will become like this:

-inurl:(htm|html|php|asp|aspx|pl|py|cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory”+description+size +”jessica simpson”

it could be shown if there’s any files that are being named Jessica Simpson. The naming convention could be different inevery place so try your luck. if u want more specific type of file, like a video or an mp3 of jessica simpson just add mp3 or avi.

-inurl:(htm|html|php|asp|aspx|pl|py|cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( avi | mp3 | wmv | mov ) “jessica simpson”

in case u want an ebook like Da Vinci Code u could use this query, with a lot of type of ebook.

-inurl:(htm | html | php | asp | aspx | pl | py | cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( pdf | lit | rtf ) “da vinci code”

Most of this writing i get from Google Tutor, u could look the popular writing of this site is Voyeur-Heaven, all about Google search in here and Google Tutor’s Google Search Manual. Others sources are from about the advance operators. There’s an official help center also, u could look it up in Google Web Search Features, The Essentials of Google Search and Google Advanced Operators.
Actually the first time i learn about google hack is when i read an article from johnny ihackstuff, he wrote a wonderfull articles on google hack, about getting a credit card number and get almost everything that are available in the web. That a long time ago, right know he bundled the articles bout google into Google Hacking Database (GHDB) .

…or the easiest way to search MP3 or e-books, u could use G2P, website that use Google hacking to locate MP3s.