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Reddit, Vimeo and Tumblr

If you happen to be in Indonesia and a fan of those service, you’re going to have a bad time. They are blocked here, why? Pron, yup, apparently searching pron in reddit and imgur is easy they say….

This is one of those “why the f” moment. Pron? I mean you could just easily search google for pron and get it, as simple as turning off filtering explicit search feature, is reddit easier? No, there’s an age consent before opening nsfw web. God knows how hard it is to look for pron on vimeo, i never seems to get it.

The act of ignorance like this, really put me off. We are loosing too many of good stuff on the internet.

A few good words

In my brief moment with the new boss, he arrange a meet up with all of the staff of the department, he reminded me a few keypoint that seems simple but really really crucial

Dont stop reminding until you get an answer on certain matter

Be reactive and pro-active

Execution is key

Create a checklist and hang on to that checklist, always remember it to cross it until the project is finished and revised if necessary.

Well, the wording are not like this, i just simplify it for my own use.

1st rule to be good at all of digital things

Have a good freaking internet connection

Apparently, what I thought is really obvious, is not always in every ones mind.

You cannot work without internet, well you can but communicating with client, inspiration source, coordinating with third party, analytic. It’s the blood of digital.

It’s a bit facepalm saying & explaining this, but seriously, have a good freaking internet connection.

To me, there’s no reason to come to the office early or on time if the connection is really bad, it’s just a waste of productive time.