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That sale


Last Steam summer sale really ruined up my intention in scheduled writing for my site. I bought a bunch of games but I think the summersale is not as awesome as last year summersale, there are a lot repeated game that are on daily flash etc.

Nevertheless I bought a lot of them, and sadly after the sale is over… The Humble Bundle sale are on with an incredible game bundle, I bought it up immediately afterward. and again after that… and again after that.

It adds up a bunch of games on my game backlog and I made a promise to myself that I shall finished every games that I just bought. It’s a been a success after that, finish 4 games and now I’m currently playing Retro City Rampage and Saint Row 3.

Oh yeah I’ve also use Instagram and Path quite a lot now, I know I am late comer I am, but that’s because I didn’t get Instagram and Path at first; prefer FB or Twitter over it. Now with the FB android apps still looks like crap (Facebook Home can’t installed on my phone and tablet, both of them are dual core, so it’s not the spec that didn’t met) and I want to get a hang in street photography so I started to use instagram even more and Path for personal life.

Oh yeah here’s the link to my Instagram if you’re interested, here’s my badge


And yeah it’s true about Instagram that a lot of your pictures looks good on phone but looks like crap on HD (not all of them, most of them because shaky), but who cares, I can take pictures of what I think is awesome on the street and edit it right it away without a hassle.

Earlier this year, i got an email from Rollip, asking me if i could review their site because it would interest the reader here, I reply, i’d be happy to do it! :) I found Rollip last year from, tried a several effect and forgot ever since because of works. This site is really useful for me if i want a quick effect on my images.

The awesomeness of the site is the availability of the effect, here’s an images that i’ve tried on
The original photo

Me & My Wife

Here’s some of the effect

Rollip Effect 1

Rollip Effect 2

Rollip Effect 3

Rollip Effect 4

Rollip Effect 5

the effects was awesome but some of it looks like a filter rape to me, nonetheless the other look simply awesome with just a simple click, it would be nice if they could also mention the name of the effect. The last effect is simply really neat and old look awesomeness. Note that you’ll only get low-res result for the effect, if you want the high-res you have to pay, for a profile pic in social networking the low-res result look okay to me.


There are two places that i’ve known that are common to buy a large quantity of product for a general consumer, such as plastic, garment and cookery in Jakarta. The place is Tanah Abang and Jatinegara.

Tanah Abang is wildly known as a place for its cheapness in the old days, but because it’s transform into a regular mall, the cheapness now is questionable, you have to scourge the place to find the store that sells cheap. Jatinegara also have this kind of stigma, you have to scourge if you want to find store that sells cheap. The current place that i’ve visited is Jatinegara, i’ve come here once or twice a month to buy fruit or garment.

The place is quite crowded, the photo that i have is the “less” crowded version.

The first time you come here you’ll going to notice that the place is really a mess. The only path to walk that you can take is in the middle of the street, the rest of the place was taken by merchant.

The outside of the main building we are greeted with cookery merchant.

this is one of the picture that i take on august, in our independence day.

the motor parking lot

On the way home i found firecracker merchant. When I came here, I usually dont bring my car, because it’s quite hard to find parking space here. There’s a busway stop near here if you want to ride busway.

The red one is called bajaj :)