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Faster Browsing in a Limited Connection

Here on our beloved country, internet connection is some kind of precious things. Even though it’s common to have an internet connection, but to have it with a DECENT speed it’s very rare. Accessing information with very little bandwidth(2Kbps – 15 Kbps) can be frustrating if u’re in need. One of the way to access it in a reasonable speed is via Google mobile on your favorite browser in your PC.

Couple of days ago i read an article from Nurudin Jauhari about how to access gmail and yahoo mail in a limited connection. I couldn’t link to the web post because there’s seems to be a server problem in Jauhari elaborated it very comprehensively and i think this is a brilliant idea, why didn’t i think of that before! To access the mobile feature from Google mail and Yahoo mail in your favorite browser, just type

After trying it on my Firefox in my office, i find it very satisfying to access all the mail in my Gmail and Yahoo, even though it’s still in busy hour, where usually opening web mail is very long. But you have to bare with the minimum presentation, here u could see the preview pic

gmail with mobile

Now that’s Simple, just my type of ideal browsing, all white :D i try Yahoo too but it has similar type of presentation so there’s no need to see the pic.

after looking around, checking and clicking, i found that u can browse too in mobile mode but via Google. The address with google mobile mode is like this:

The Best page in the universe!

The view of the website is like this:

So if u want to use Google mobile just add in the last query with the website address that u want to go.

This is cool i think, u could save up bandwidth and time. By browsing via Google mobile, access to webs that doesn’t have wap mode is simplified by viewing their rss or by striping down the css, downsizing pictures into thumbnail and lessening ads too. Just Try it!

The downside of browsing or checking e-mail with this, is limited scrolling and sometimes the content are downsize. The limited scrolling is because the web viewing is limited to around 50 rows, after that u had to click the next page button to view the content. The content on the web are different from the usual way sometimes. but I don’t care as long as i’m getting it fast, I’m happy.

5 Reasons Why I Procrastinate Reading John Chow

There’s a couple of things that bugging me when i’m reading John Chow Post..

  1. Right now John Chow is about ReviewMe – Batch 5681 or Batch 58 , if u want to be serious with Make Money Online just review his blog. if he find your article interesting he will backlink to your website and send u tons of traffic, just hang in there.
  2. John Chow dot Com is not John Chow. it’s Michael Kwan.. , it’s Mitch.. no.. no.. no.. it’s John.  :D
  3. John Chow have free Male Enchancement info in his Featured sites. Don’t be ashame to click it. I click it too, because the domain name make me really really curious.
  4. He has 13000 Agloco Sign up…. actually it’s just me envying him, to him it’s not even about agloco anymore, pure evil !!  :D
  5. There’s not enough Evil Tips in his website

This post is just for fun :D
Could this post be categorize as make money online Review :D

What U Need to Buy When U Want to Purchase an Entry Level Digital Camera (simple tips)


I Don’t know what’s wrong my friend here, of all of her friend that have SLR, she still asked me what type of camera that she need to buy. Well she is the prettiest girl in her office and the smartest one too :D that’s why i like to give her a little hint in what things to buy in starting to the world of photography (as a newbie like me of course).

This hint is time based, maybe in a couple of month from now, the price will change. Her budget is around US$ 150 – 250. well there’s 5 items that she need to consider.

  1. The Camera (doh!)
  2. Memory Card
  3. Rechargeable Battery
  4. Camera Bag
  5. TheCharger for the battery
  6. Card reader if the battery in the camera was down

For the camera, here’s a few item that i read is particularly have a good or decent review. Canon PowerShot A540, A550, A560, Ranging from the cheapest US$180 – 200. I’m not in fave of Canon or something but why there’s nothing on entry level in dpreview except Canon and no full review on imaging-resource that meet the entry level(there’s is a couple but not the decent one), that’s why its hard to choose brands other than Canon.

Canon canon

For memory card, because i found canon right now, so the memory card would be SD card. The price of SD card was up and down in the first quarter this year. My boss yesterday bought a 2 Gig of Kingston mini SD for only US$18. S0 let’s just say that for 2 Gig of memory card are going to cost u US$20.

For Battery, I found that Charger Sanyo Quick 2500MA AA/AAA + 4 AA Battery is going to cost US$20. This is enough i think for 200-500 shoots in daylight environment.

Last but not least is the bag and card reader, a Lowepro small bag is around US$ 13 and an all in one Card Reader is only US$ 4. To sum it u, the total cost for the accessories only is 20 + 20 + 13 + 4 = US$57. This is going to adequate for a budget of US$250 with the camera price range from US$ 180 – 200.

it’s a Style

At the Dock

Not enough with just nadd syndrome, now I’m crazy in shooting everything with my digicam. I mean, I shoot Everything. Anything that I define as reality, I took a picture of it :D .

There are two common criteria that are often fits for me to take pictures at, number one if it caught my attention then I took it, number two if it look like an ordinary scene, I try to take a picture of it in a different angles that makes it look interesting.

In my mind everything has a moment of it, some moment are repeatable some moment don’t. I just try to make a most out of it by taking pictures.

The total pic that I caught since I bought my digicam is 2500+ pictures, last Wednesday when I was gone to Lampung for three days, I shoot 422 pictures. I know most of my pictures are garbage, but if I shoot the right object, that feels really good. I know I’m achieving in the right direction. I think I’m going to a positive progress. Sometimes it’s a chick magnet too :D if she look at your pictures, but alas it’s only a trickle effect.
There are two things that forbid me to take more pictures:

  1. Limited storage in my camera (1Gig SD card)
  2. Battery life, around 150-200 shots per-pair of battery (less if its a night scene)

So for my friend who want to go abroad in a couple of months to come, please buy minimum 2Gigas of memory and buy a rechargeable battery, minimum two.

At the ferry

Another of things that I learn in taking good pictures is the lighting of the object. The sun still is the best lighting of all but it has some draw back. The drawbacks are, it took away the detail in the far away object if you are facing directly to the sun, If the sun shine with a little cloud, it’s almost certain that the cloud will not appear in your camera.

In indoor shooting try to combine ISO setting and focal point, try to remember that the higher ISO setting the higher the noise in the pictures get but the higher focal point the more shaky pictures get(use tripod if necessary).

To be honest if u want great pictures buy SLR camera(doh!) or semi SLR, don’t buy pocket, it’s one of my regrets in buying digital camera, pocket are only for fun with friends or for the sake of mobility. It’s not the worth of the precious moment that u want to record.

The drawback of SLR camera in a glimpse is the weight, the high cost of it and the high learning curve. I learn this not by reading reviews or borrowing from friends, I learn it from my neighbor. He just bought a Nikon D40, it cost him around US$800, the price of the camera is only around US$500 but the accessories are the killer for the budget. He said choosing a brand for the camera is almost like choosing a religion for your belief. The reason why he chooses Nikon for his SLR because Nikon last more longer in the lifetime of the camera rather than others like Canon, Canon on the other side made SLR tend to be more commercial. Well I believe what he said; he is in the same position like me in photography but he has the budget to start with great equipment and particularly he is

Nikon D40

studying at photography school now. Funny things that I just know is that when I’m going to shoot with his SLR, I can’t use the LCD, I have to use the viewfinder to shoot it and I’m eagerly trying to explain him that there is a way to make it appear on LCD while shooting, after long debate and tweaking, i started to feel ashamed :D.

So what is the connection between these stories with the title of the post? Well, my friend Risti once mailed me tips in macro photography; she gave me an anonymous quote that could explain to me who I really am and it got me remembering that I was crazy at taking pictures

one photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photo out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photo out of focus are a style.
– Anonymous –

So if u’re in a good time with your friends or family, take pictures of it to remember. Sometimes it will be too late before you realize that kind of moment, it will be not repeaten.

Re-Designing My WordPress Theme

Even though i work around the web, i rarely have a general taste of art… taste of aesthetic u could say. If i could, i want my website to be all white or all black, but a lot of my friends calling me distasteful if i did that :D


by choosing the cutline theme, almost all of my friends call me a newbie in designing, well… I think they are all right about that, maybe in the next few month I will make my own themes…

for the time being, i want to redesign (read: use some one template) my website. mmhm what should i choose is jauhari themes or small potato ?

btw u’ll be seeing a lot of editing in a few days to come

Update: Not!! i’m too lazy to search a themes that matches me, my workload are quite a lot right now.

What?!! Dian Sastro!!

Dian Sastro

you see this lovely girl picture, her name is Dian Sastro. let me start an intro in this post, While i was looking my viewstat at community page. I notice there’s a visitor who come to this site looking for Dian Sastro and i said WTF. What wrong with google anyway?? there’s no posting at all at this web site saying any key word on “sastro” and i never put her picture too!! ..until this very day of course. i don’t understand why the hell is this happening, but i rank 10th anyway in the search results :D


Can I Be More Optimize?

On March 20th, my website were down for about 4 hour and on March 27 too at 11.00 PM, The are two reason why it’s down, 1. I’m hosting in a crappy place where’s the customer service were suck! and 2. My website aren’t optimize yet to handle a lot of connection. Because of this incident i need to optimize it too lessen the access time to the database and to improve the access time for my reader.

In my quest to optimize my web, there are couple of things that i did to improve my website:

  1. I had lessen the amount of posting appear in the index of my website. In the beginning i had 10 post that appear in the index of my website but now i limit it to 5 post per-page. There’s a couple of reason that i had done this:
    • To shorten the access time in my database(even thought it’s only 0.00x second).
    • There’s a lot picture in most of my writing, therefore less pic means faster access to my website.
    • This is for the ads. by lessen the post means they have to navigate more to see more of your website. By doing this the ads will appear more often. Google ads can predict better guess to a specific post. but doesn’t make readers click too much, just at a reasonable tension.
  2. Optimize Pic, and then i read the Coding Horror articles.. i stop doing it my way….

After searching in i read two blog that enlighten me about web optimizing the Engtech and Coding Horror Blog. i stop doing it my own way and doing the Coding Horror way and i thought why didn’t i think of that, many of his articles are a tremendous helping, if i explain it to u, it will do u no justice, i think u better read it yourself, these are the one that are really helpful to me…

both of these writing link to a lot of usefull stuff.

I’ll Update later for this writing, because of the no.1 reason why my site are down, i don’t have a lot of access to change the setting for my hosting service, it’s quite sucks u know… but this is what i already has done:

  • Using Feed Burner is The Best choice for your feed, it’s saved up to almost 60% of your bandwidth capacity.
  • Not Storing Image in my hosting (image took 58.5 % my bandwidth capacity this month only!), right now my choice is between flickr and tinypic because of the free Bandwidths, but I’ll goes with flickr because of the popularity.

So the question is can i be more optimize? off course i can, but right know i don’t have the resource to be really optimize yet, but nevertheless there’s always a room a freebies like me :D and any suggestion are welcome :)

Update 22 April 2007:
I Stop Using Flickr for storing my image, after i read the TOS comprehensively, they only shown the last 200 of your photo, if u want to see more, u had to pay. I Change to Picasa Google, because it can save up to 500 image or 1Gig of photo, even though it’s not sleek as flickr with a lot of features but easy enough to use if download the picas desktop version.

Google hack query Summary (yes, another one… )

On January the 8Th, my website crash, and the database couldn’t be recovered. So i lost all of my writing…, well i could recover it, but I’m just too lazy to do it :P . It’s just 15-20 writings and I want to start a fresh new blog with new template off course. This kind of accident teach me that i should prepare backups of my writing once a week or more often. Well no pain no gain.

First of all I’d like to compile all writing i read about googling as a reminder for my self. there’s a couple web site that help me a lot on this writing, all of them l’ll wrote it in the last paragraph in this writing.
Usually in websites there’s a directory that are open in public. not all of them but a lots of them usually store interesting film, music or even books. In this directory there’s a generated note that this is an open directory when u open it and contain a list of files in that current directory. yada yada yada…so if u want to check it it use this query or just click it:

-inurl(html|htm|php|asp|aspx|pl|py|cgi|tcl) intitle:”index of” + “last modified” + “parent directory” + description + size

With the above google query it’ll show all open query, but if u want to connect it with some topic or some person, let say Jessica Simpson, just added in the back of the query so it will become like this:

-inurl:(htm|html|php|asp|aspx|pl|py|cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory”+description+size +”jessica simpson”

it could be shown if there’s any files that are being named Jessica Simpson. The naming convention could be different inevery place so try your luck. if u want more specific type of file, like a video or an mp3 of jessica simpson just add mp3 or avi.

-inurl:(htm|html|php|asp|aspx|pl|py|cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( avi | mp3 | wmv | mov ) “jessica simpson”

in case u want an ebook like Da Vinci Code u could use this query, with a lot of type of ebook.

-inurl:(htm | html | php | asp | aspx | pl | py | cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( pdf | lit | rtf ) “da vinci code”

Most of this writing i get from Google Tutor, u could look the popular writing of this site is Voyeur-Heaven, all about Google search in here and Google Tutor’s Google Search Manual. Others sources are from about the advance operators. There’s an official help center also, u could look it up in Google Web Search Features, The Essentials of Google Search and Google Advanced Operators.
Actually the first time i learn about google hack is when i read an article from johnny ihackstuff, he wrote a wonderfull articles on google hack, about getting a credit card number and get almost everything that are available in the web. That a long time ago, right know he bundled the articles bout google into Google Hacking Database (GHDB) .

…or the easiest way to search MP3 or e-books, u could use G2P, website that use Google hacking to locate MP3s.