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Download Youtube, Stage6 Directly from Firefox!! Without Extension too!

As a avid reader of makeuseof, i found this great tips about using Firefox to download directly videos from youtube or stage6. To make it easy to get the big picture, just watch the video from jimmyr

After watching this, i felt like What a Wow! (quote from Indarto), this is awesome, i don’t need any third party installment, just use the bookmark feature and voila!!
Oh yeah at first trial i get a stumble in doing it, i don’t find the place where to bookmark the address told from the video, after searching it, i found it in his info in video, just open and click the “more” button in the info of the video. copy link and save it as bookmark.
if u’re in a hurry, This the link



Installing Adobe Master Collection Without Pain in The *rse

the one on the left
After buying super genuine Adobe Master Collection complete edition. which come with the package of dreamweaver, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, cue, soundbooth, after effect, premier.. yada yada, i realize i’m facing new problem.
there's never be enough ram
First after trying to install the damn application, it runs system check, my old AMD XP 2Gigz and 512Ram doesnt meet the requirement, it need dual core and minimum of 1Gig of ram, and i said to myself what the f*ck!! what kind of damn application that need that kind of ram, it’s just an imaging editor, web apps and flash maker. The thinking of upgrading my PC flash before my eyes… after counting the necessary cost to buy new PC (around $250 to $500) with using old part that still usable, i decided not to buy new PC. i decided to try it anyway.
Hard disk not enough too
A few click later, i found new problem, it need 18,5 Gb of Hardisk to fully install all of the application. Damn!! that huge, the biggest thing that i’ve installed is a game with 9Gig of space. the game full of crap too. my PC only have space around 20 Gig sparsing in three partition. because of that i have to clean up and moving my genuine songs & apps. but after seeing through the adobe apps that are going to be installed, i just need four apps, Acrobat(but it’s still faster to use foxit reader to read pdf); Dreamweaver; Photoshop and Illustrator. This last three apps fill the space in my Hdd around 4.8Gig.
Last but not least, this the biggest pain of installing adobe master collection! IT CAN’T INSTALL SMOOTHLY. there’s always an error that said cannot install dreamweaver, photoshop and Illustrator but the freakin shared component is successfully installed (I dont need the f*cking shared component installed, everytime i’m trying reinstall ). Two days! Two full days of my weekend stuck up trying to install this apps. but my fault is that i don’t ask uncle google to help me. After asking, apparently this problem is happened to a lot of people. yada yada yada, i found the solution, the service in adobe cue need to run bonjour service (stupid name for a service) but my firewall (Comodo, the best firewall in the world and it is free with full control of course) ask me if i should block it up or not, because i dont know who the hell is bonjour. i block it! now i know that it need to run to complete the installation process. and voila! done.
what is the essence of this story? things that should be remembered before installing this humongous apps:

  1. Remember the requirement, it need 1Gig of ram and almost 19Gig of Hdd space
  2. TURN OFF any of your Firewall, is it third party or from the windows itself(look in the control panel)
  3. if its still fail, before re-installing try to remove EVERYTHING from the previous installation, including your flash codec or your beta photoshop CS3 or Google Desktop.
  4. if all else fail!, Call the tech support, no really, u pay dearestly to have that kind of service

Good luck with the installation! dont call me if u have problem in installing

The Simpsons Movie : Best Movie This Year!!! (until August :D )

After a lot of delay, at last i get to watch The Simpsons Movie on theater, yeah it’s quite too late to watch it, but its really really worth it to watch it on theater.

The Simpson Movie

There’ll be no spoiler here, all i can say this movie is really really funny. The first time i watch it, its hilarious then came where the moment hey its not funny anymore, but not for long its all laugh until the end.

From all the movie i watch this year, The Simpsons movie its memorable, i love every minutes of it, 85 minutes that is. And yes u’ll going to see Little Bart Pe**s.

Go watch now, dont forget to get simpsonize too.

Testing Safari 3 BETA and Firefox 2.004 on ADSL 40.kbps (1:1) Windows XP

I’ve just download the Safari Beta 3 browser for windows, i know it’s old news but i couldn’t download it in my office that why i download it in my home.

Talking about the experience, using Safari is quite different than using my portable Firefox 2.004. I write this blog using safari, the font is quite warm and felt very welcoming. Already i found a bug in the Safari browser, it doesnt add IMG tag while i was using the add img button and the most Painful bugs is the autosave post features is conflict with the “save and continue editing” button, I literally have to type this post three times because the writing just vanish to thin air :( and later i switch back using firefox to write this blog. Maybe in the near future i’m going to use safari as my second browser AFTER i found the pluggins directory AND not in beta stage. Another thing that to me is a minus, there’s no spell check features, thats a big no no to me. The interface is similar to Firefox just the feel that is different.

The performance with Safari? i’m still abit confuse with it. With Safari and Firefox I open around 6 to 9 second with the cache clear before each open. While i was opening the Gizmodo feed page with 41 post, Safari took around 34.56 to full load and 5-8 second in to a readable(without pictures) state, My Firefox on the other hand took 33.95 second to fully load and 5-8 second into a readable state. The Memory usage of the two browser still confusing, My Firefox open 9 tabs use up the resource around 133mb and the Safari open 4 tabs use 81mb of resource.

With the Eleven Pluggins that i instaled :D I Think Firefox wins this rounds. if u want to download Safari Browser just click here

Still Breathing Here

My job is killing me,

Stab me

i dont have time to sit down and relax… every time i sat down and relax or touch a browser at my own home in the last three week, all i think about is how to optimize my sql query :D i don’t know whats wrong with it, but every time i load dummy data above 10,000 rows, it’s slows down. right know i’m trying to optimize it.

nevertheless i love every moment of it, i try to enjoy and take experience of it. i hope i can gain the next level and add it up on my intelligent and strength(ahh missing my gaming time) :P

because i know i can’t relax at my own home, i try to make the most out of it in my idle time (because idle time takes up 0% resources :P ). I played DS every time i can, btw I finish Final Fantasy III in 32 hours (Damn green dragon!) :D i play it every morning in the closet :P

The last three weeks also i watch three movies: Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer, Transformers and Die Hard 4.0. if u haven’t watch it, let me give a review of it, or spoiler (relax it won’t ruin the climax of the movie)

Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is good movie to watch i tell u, ONLY and if ONLY u are not or never read the comics about the first appearance of silver surfer. The action is quite entertaining and not too much. The main difference between the movie and the comics, that there is no Galactus and no doomsday device. I never read the real comic but i read the “What If ” edition with the title “What If Silver Surfer Had Not Betrayed Galactus”. There’s Stan Lee too in that movies but only for about 3-5 second :P just like in the Spiderman the Movie.

Silver Surfer

The next movie I watch is Transformers, If u never watch the cartoon (which means u have a sad childhood, u should consider killing your self) This Movie Rocks!!! I mean cool cg, cool robots, cool action and cool chick(not chicks). This movie has everything u need to watch a robot movie. but if u watch the cartoon and a fanatic fans of it, then the movie is half crap or i say almost full of crap. There are dozen of critics upon this movie (google it) but nobody seems to care about Optimus Prime have a mouth!!!! OMG WHAT ARE U THINKIN MEN!!! it’s loosing the coolness of all in the mighty Optimus Prime. and the list of other crap things is that the robot have similar design(which is crap), there’s no story, only a little jokes here and there, little robot compared to the cartoon and Megatron still sucks, it’s change into a freakin plane. Beside the agitating critics i have a hard time to enjoy the movie because of Michael Bay stupid habit of shooting the film in close angle, very close. To sum it up, i yawn at the half of the movie. This movie is good to watch just to loose your curiosity to Transformer Robot but cannot compared to the original. One last critic… if they design the robot with an excuse to make the robot realistic, why the hell they make Tranformers movie at all!! The cube can’t change to that scale stupid!!

Silver Surfer

The last movie i watch yesterday, Die Hard 4.0 …. is a crap too :D no jokes here, this movie literally makes the die hard movie series into its lowest form of movies. Its felt like i was watching a class B movie with one great actor and with a lot prop Hollywood prop. Men i hardly stay awake watching this on the theater and my friend a sleep in the first half of the movie. Let me sum the movie for you, no spoiler of course, The moment Bruce Willis accept a phone in a car to pick up a kid, just expect action, there’s no story after that. to make even worse the action is non logical action, its like watching a guy who has a thousand lives to spree and have millions of luck in accuracy (millions!!!). i.e.: he can crash a chopper with a car with no ramps, almost impossible except for mister McLane here. This is a popcorn movie, no intellect intrigue and the concept of hacking is so low, using stupid words to make it like in a real world.. who in the hell hack a server with GUI anyway!!! only script kiddies.

To sum it up the reviews, there’s seems to be a definite pattern in the next year movie.

  • There must be a sequel (harry potter, spiderman, fantastic 4, transformer)
  • Action 90%, story 5%, chick 4%, logic 1% (it’s like looking the same movie all over again and again)
  • or i could be wrong there will be a lot of love lit drama :P

I just wish there’ll be a movie with memorable stories like star-wars or matrix 1.

Transformers The Movie.. Crap design

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

I don’t know about you guys, i know the hype about this Tranformers movies is good, but seeing the director profile, Michael Bay, i’m afraid it’s just a festive of special effect. By seeing the design of the robot, i prefer the old design, It seems so much cooler. U could see a great collection of wallpaper classic transformer compiled by Download Munkey.


Oh yeah and the design of Megatron are suck! the designer of all the robot are look like they’ve just graduated design school and try show off some skill. luckily there’s Hugo Weaving will fill the Megatron voice, hope it help with their crappy design. i’m not trying to troll around about my opinion, i too hope that this movie will rock, it bring back a lot of memories but seeing this design i just can’t help complaining.

Google Toys

ahh the fun and magic of google, i just notice the new sign notice on my google reader, they provide new service for google reader to go offline and still read feed.

I tried it and it’s a swell, but first you have to install google gears exe. then it automatically download and install it to your browser. there’s still a minor, u can’t see the pictures in most feed while you’re in offline mode; u can’t get the program through normal web port (port 80) and u can’t set it via web port so if u’re in your office with firewall, u can’t install it; and last but not least the program it’s still beta (V 0.147) and less control of the gadget itself.

the first time i use it, google reader download 2000 feed or query and u can’t choose which feed google download. nevertheless i’m happy with this gadget.

Another google product or could i say it, a web based game :D that google offer is the image labeler. i found it while i was stumbling. The website offer us to help google be a better image search engine by tagging it the right word. I’ts not a one person game, u try to tagging it with other person so if u’re both guess the same tag, u move to the next picture.

Google Image Labeler

The only thing that i don’t like about this “game” is that when u try to tag it, the picture is too freakin small. But it was really addictive and a good way to waste ur valuable productive time :D, go ahead try it. it’s just really neat way to waste your time in your office beside answering question in Yahoo Answers (i love this one too, it make u look very busy :P) =

I’ve learn a little trick about gmail, i don’t know if this is old school or not but it’s worth to try. Do u know that if u have a gmail that was named

is the same meaning to gmail as

So what’s the benefit of knowing this?
let’s try this,
if u want to subscribe something free, like comic or different topic of newsletter but the website that provide the service only restrict one content per one e-mail. if u want another type of content, you’re force to have another e-mail account, unless u pay. by adding another mail that was named like the above ( the mail was counted as another account by the service provider but the content still received by one e-mail only (
A lot of content provider and cms forum has block this, but still, there’s many more that can be bypass with this trick.

Gaming Addiction

If Gaming addiction is a disease then i don’t want to be healthy. I had the best disease in the world. As an average geeks, to me gaming is a very special experience every time i’m in it, that in some way it lights up my geeky life. In my old life(college days, high school), i put my time to defeat boss game as the first then i put my girlfriend second (and she understood :D isn’t she the best!), after that college task :D. I once feel, in a conscious state, that if i fail in doing something in my life, i just load up my last save files :D

But those days are almost drifting away from me, there are two things that make me procrastinate in gaming on my PC.

This is NOT my PC

First, it’s the cost of building an adequate PC for gaming, its painfully high, i mean really really high. I starts off on the wrong foot in gaming, I played PC gaming since my childhood and never had a chance to own a console gaming. To me it’s okay for a couple of years, i played from FPS, RPG, RTS to Simulation, u name it!; nothing at the moment could beat this kind of genre. At that time there’s only Sony Playstation and Dreamcast could match up, all of them doesn’t have the quality of gameplay as PC. Then i start invest a large sum of money in my pc to play the best game, and boy do i was wrong.

The last straw i was investing is when i bought a VGA card that was quite expensive at that time for trying to keep up with the PC gaming world, TWO MONTH later there’s already a bunch of game that couldn’t play on my PC.


Two years ago i finally hit rock bottom in gaming, I was trying to find the right game for my PC NOT adjusting to my favorite genre. This isn’t good, i purchased too much game but there’s no decent one to be remembered.

I know i had to change direction if i want to pursue my hobby in gaming, i choose mobile gadget that could fulfill the need of gaming, i choose it because it’s the early days of working as an employee, i could play it while i was on the road. The gadget is Nintendo DS. I Bought it two years ago(a white one :( ) and its a blast. Right now i’m saving for Nintendo Wii

Work work work

The Second reasons why i procrastinate in gaming is my job, Its time consuming damn it!!

But to make me not gone away from gaming life, there’s a couple of site that is a must have on my google reader (I’m still trying netvibes, but couldn’t get a hang of it, maybe in a couple days).

For the huge info on game wallpaper and everything, the number 1 spot that i check is Download Munkey , Mr. Munkey here have an excellent taste on choosing wallpaper.

On gaming info and review i choose Gamespy, IGN and Gamezone. In the old days i usually check Gamespot because it has a great database on gaming, but right now it’s too commercial, u have to subscribe to get the best of it. For free gaming magazines sometimes i download on VGpub and for the cheat i check religiously use gamefaqs.