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Google Hack on Document

Beside using google hack query to look for songs and movies. I’d like to give an example query on how to use google hack to search document across the web.

Google Hack
pic by Brian Sawyer

As an example, let say we want to look books about “Angels and Demons”, i can give two query samples that help you search books about it. But let me give a warning before that if we want to use this query, the result in google is 98% filled with illegal use of copyrighted material, so proceed with cautious and another warning is make sure that your PC is installed with the latest antivirus and dont ever use this query with Internet Explorer Browser, because IE is prone to Cross-Site Scripting(XSS). We never know the search result site is infected or not.

The first query to look for document that have Angels and Demons keyword is

-inurl:(htm | html | php ) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( pdf | lit | rtf ) “Angels and Demons”

And the other is the one that is more accurate but lesser result because the search query is targeted on the ebook or ebooks named folder.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” +(“/ebooks”|”/book”) +(chm|pdf|zip) +”Angels and Demons” “Last Modified”

To use the query we could directly click on the query above or u could copy paste the query on to google search bar. To modified the query in to anything that we want to search, just copy the file extension that we want to search, like if we want to look for a microsoft word document, just add or change the (chm|pdf|zip) keyword into (doc) or (chm|pdf|zip|doc).

The ( | ) sign resembles the meaning or, so if the query use (chm|pdf|doc) it meant to search file that have a file extension of thebookthatyouwant.chm or thebookthatyouwant.pdf or thebookthatyouwant.doc

Like i said before about google hack, there’s a lot of website that offer this kind of function to search books, songs or a movies. So why do we need to learn this query to look for books etc on google? The purpose to learn this tutorial is just a back-up plan, in case the favorite website that u visit is down or filled with spam.

Yup there’s a high probability that the site that offer this kind of function can be filled with spam/malware/virus, base on my experience there are 4 site that was my favorites happen to have virus, the site is down or change into a must register site.

Here a couple of website that are my preferred site to search specifically on pdf document

In case you’re not sure about the safety in using this site, just use the latest Firefox browser with NoScript add-on, or use Opera browser instead.

Website New Themes

I need a new themes that is light weight and have great typography. That is when Press Box Theme for wordpress from creative synthesis come in handy.

I fall in love the instant i saw the design. It was the color combination and the typography that strike me the most, so i try and right now i’m customizing it. There are light setting, contrast and dark. I had enough with light setting, i want to try the dark setting on this website.

While changing themes i also add hittail code, i want to have a certain course for this site to develop, not just for entertainment.

Here is the screenshot of my last theme

The themes that i use before is Thematic Framework from Ian Stewart, I love the simple color tone but i was kind of suck at customizing it. Well actually i like the custom change that i’ve made but my wife think it’s too pale. Its really hard to leave Thematic because it had the best widget setting i’ve ever seen in my entire time using WordPress (For a free themes.). I dont need to change the core of the themes to add ads in single post, just add a widget in it. There are 3 widget position for single post, 2 position in sidebar, 3 for the footer and 3 for the index page. That is quite a selection. but i want to spice things up, change a little, so i use PressBox, here are the screenshot

The dark tone that i choose is just for a change of scenery and it more light in the eyes too. Hope this is going to be best themes i’ve ever use :D


Simple Way to Check Whether Your Gmail Account Has Been Hack or Not

There are two of my favorite site in my google reader that their domain name has been stolen, and David Airey. All of the incident have two things in commons, they both use Gmail as their web mail to store valuable information and use Goddady as their Registrar.

I dont want to discuss about Godaddy but i would like to describe about Gmail, because by far Gmail to me is the best web mail, and i’d like to share tips to check whether you account has been hack or not.

One of the common method to know whether your gmail account has been compromised by cracker (Person who use hacking to do evil things) is by checking the “Filters” and the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” in the setting page of your Gmail. This is just one way to check whether your gmail has been compromised or not, i don’t know other method.

Here is the step by step with the screenshot:

  1. Click on “Settings” on the right above corner of your gmail
  2. here are a closer one, click on “Settings”

  3. Then click on “Filters” tab
  4. If u never use Filters tab before then there should be no list in it, but if you have use it, check the filters and double check to make sure you dont forward it to unidentified email.

    If u found a list on the filters that u dont know, delete it right away.

  5. Last Check the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” Tab
  6. From Web IV

    if u never use any of these feature or even understand it, just disabled it all, To disable it set it in to
    Forwarding: Disable
    POP Download: 1. Status: POP is disabled
    IMAP Access:1. Status: IMAP is disabled

Capiche? u could leave a comment to ask more.

OMG, There are unauthorized changes that i didn’t know?!
(like adding filter or POP setting)!!

First delete it right away and change the gmail password.
If u ever store password about others critical site on your gmail account, for god sake change it quickly.

Make your password really strong, u could check how strong your password in Microsoft Password checker and read about Strong passwords: How to create and use them(Microsoft) too. Note: if u still not confident using Gmail, u could always use Yahoo or personal email using your domain name.

To go depth in to the process of Gmail hijacking, u could read in detail at GNUCITIZEN site in Google GMail E-mail Hijack Technique

Gmail also keeps a list of the last few IPs that have logged in at the bottom of the page. Much easier to keep track of * From: Nuke It dot Org

Here are the screenshot to see the IP log

Click on the “Details” to see the IP log for the last IP on 5-12 hours

Just found an interesting new post from Gnucitizen and others about Gmail Exploit

Securing Your WordPress Site

pic by petervanallen

phew, i just updated my site, i read an article from MyTestBox “Is your WordPress blog hacked? Why not upgrade to the latest version?” and realize how fragile my site is. I think anyone who have wordpress blog should know this.

Here are a couple of things that i didn’t know it would be key point factor in securing my site.

  1. The wordpress default plugin directory is not secured, so anyone can see what plugin i’ve installed, in case u want to see it the default directory is in here “”.
  2. Change my admin password regularly, lucky i’ve just download a portable password manager KeePass Password Safe Portable couple of days ago. There’s a built in password generator in it (dont forget to click save after u’ve save all of your password).

There’s also a lot of recommended plugin in the site. And i thought updating my site with the latest wordpress is enough.

Google Hack?

Google Hack
pic by xcaballe

My first post on August 2006 in this site is about google hack, but the site got hack on January 2007 and wipe out the entire database, so i had rebooted this site on February 2007 with also the first post about google hack

But in the era of everything instant, do u want to remember those horrific code to hack search using google?
here are an example of one in searching a Alicia Keys songs.

-inurl:(htm | html | php | asp | aspx | pl | py | cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( avi | mp3 | wmv | mov ) “alicia keys”

With this code, Google will search all listed open directory with the song type MP3 and all movie type .avi, .wmv, .mov related with the keyword Alicia Keys. But for god sake there is an easier way to remember this rather than typing it all again. There are couple of site that use google hack in retrieving those files u needed. but this is the site that i preferred the most in using google hack.

this are the first site that i remembered i use that offer an ease of searching using google searches

So what does g2p do?

-G2P (Google to Person) uses some crafty Google searches to help locate open directories or otherwise shared files. These files have been uploaded and shared by nice people. Without them, our searches wouldnt work.

The song that i search usually accurate, but be careful sometimes those site are infected with viruses but google will warn u if there’s that kind of activity going on in that site or the easier use noscript add-on in ur firefox.

Here are a couple of site that features offer similar function that are my favorites (Rapidshare search engine) (Rapidshare listing but only on ebooks) (pdf or document seach engine)

U could see other web service search engines listing in Makeuseof Directory listing on search engines to look for similar function.

Google Define and Google Currency

There are two things that i often use in google beside searching. Google Define and Google Currency function in the search box. I have to admit that i still have a lot to learn in english vocabulary and using using google define really help me in learning. In case u never knew how to use google define, i’ll show u an example. Let say that i dont understand the word “recursive” and an acronym “NFSW”. The simple way to use is by opening and type “define:recursive” or “define:NFSW


then search, u should see the result appear

The other function that i use is the google currency. I usually use it when i want to know what is the price of a certain item in my country currency, in this case Rupiah or IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). The price that i look usually are books at amazon or ebay, example i look at amazon looking at You Can Paint Pastels book at a price $21.88 USD (United States Dollar). Now to know what is the price in Indonesian Rupiah i just type in google search 21.88 USD in IDR

Voila! and comes up the result! in case u want to use other currency like british pound u can use GBP ( Great Britain Pound sterling ) or Singapore dollar SGD as the currency or just google it to find the acronym :)

WordPress Admin Management Xtended

building blog
Pic by scorpio_magic

I have a confession, I suck making category for my writing at this site :( that’s why i always confuse what category supposed for my posts and after that i put it in the same category over and over again, after a while i realize what should be the category of the writing and edit the post and save again. it’s a tedious task.

My biggest problem with it right now, i want to change all category of my post in the past with the appropriate ones so it became readable if i want to search it. but editing one by one is hideous, but i considered myself lucky because my writing is still not much (around 170 post), what if my writing like Mr. Roy at if i’m not mistaken he once had 150 post in a month?! that a great deal of works if he want to change all category of the posts. Before i had a lot of post like him i’d like to change it quick and that’s when i think there’s should be a WordPress plugin for mass changing category and tags.

Looking at the WordPress Extend Plugins Resources found this fantastic plugins, WordPress Admin Management Xtended. It not going to let you mass category change, but it will let u change it via the manage admin view.

Under the action text u could see those blue button which function as changing the date, allow comment or not etc. It’s a superb plugin imho, btw there’s a video explaining the function of Admin Management Xtended

While I add plugin for category i also add

All of this plugin i read it at Top 10 must install plugins for WordPress users!

Makeuseof Temporary Site

One of the sad moment when i’m online is when i get news of my favorite site is cracked or shutdown. My favorite site about many useful web application is, right now the domain name of the site is cracked and makeuseof move to a temporary site in
I just read the news about it on my google reader, i hope this problem will be fixed quickly. You could read about the issue in “The Real Truth Behind The Domain Crack”. It felt like when David Airey domain name get cracked.

sad moment
pic by Firenzesca

To see the positive thing about this incident, that is lucky, Aibek the founder of, use feedburner for his RSS feed, so when the domain is taken over, he can communicate about the incident to the reader by changing the site on the Feedburner. Anyone who read this post that can help Aibek Makeuseof resolve the issue, could read the The Real Truth Behind The Domain Crack and contact the given mail.

The case is closed, they get their domain back at

This Month Time Waster: Median 2008 (Diablo II mod)

Pic by

While trying to relive the moment of playing Diablo and preparing myself for the upcoming Diablo III, I’ve decided to install and play Diablo II and Lord of the Destruction again on my PC. Playing the game remind me how solid the game is and how popular it became. But after a couple days, i felt the game is too easy and quite boring, i couldn’t raise the difficulty because i have to finished it first. i felt stagnated playing the game.

Not long after the stagnation, my friend, who recently installed diablo II too, recommended me installing mod for the game. So i search in Modddb on Diablo II but the choices are too many, so i ask again what is the coolest one :) He answered “try Median 2008“, After that i installed it and the game is never been the same. The game is becoming freakishly difficult :D i even scared to go to the first cave without preparation and on one moment of the worst, i even couldn’t afford buying a pack of arrow :))

Here are some screenshot from the Median 2008 site

Median 2008 screenshot

Median 2008 Screenshot

The mod change everything in the game, the skill tree, the cube, the name, the monster and last is the difficulty. here are the character changes i quote from median 2008 website

Character class changes
– Replaced all classic LoD skills with 30 new skills per class (210 new skills).
– Modified various animation speeds to encourage unusual weapons.
– All characters now gain 10 stat points per level-up.
– Characters gain life, mana and stamina at a different rate.
– Most classes have different favoured weapons (eg. amazons and sceptres).
– Spell damage is now affected by energy, depending on your weapon.
– Maximum character level is now 120.

There are some stability issue on the difficulty. Right now i’m passing level 30, but there are some times that the enemies not given me a hard times because i use rare equipment that have ridiculously stats, but when i face one that gives me a hard one, i only have 2-3 second before died and leaving me without equipment in the village :P All in all, this mod change the experience how i play Diablo II and prolong the game.