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Night Market at Jakarta, Cipinang

Couple weeks ago while on the road visiting my parents, i came across on a night market near my house, which is unusual, because of all the time i live there, there’s no such things like this happen before. I decided to go there the next day, then my wife ask to my sister in law that the night market is only there for one day only then move to another place. We called this kind of market is “Pasar Kaget”, a market which only appear for a short of time, i’m sure there’s an English for this but i forgot what it’s called.

My sister in-law was right, the next day the market move to another street. but lucky for me, it’s also not far from my house, only 3 blocks away. It stretch along street for 700 meters (0.43 miles) long.

The market is full of people selling many things, many of them sell cheap shirt and crappy toys,

but i happen to found one of them selling this classic toys, boat that uses burning oil to cruise, it brings back many memory because i happen to have when i was a kid.

There are also store which sell traditional bamboo flute, in our culture this kind of music instrument called “Seruling Bambu”.

After a couple of hour, i ate fried duck on my way home near the market. We bought a cool embroidered shirt for my older brother sons and a cheap sandal for me.

Extreme Sushi

Some people might find this pics is offensive, you’ve been warned.

First lets eat a nice set of tofu special with PRAYING MANTIS :)

Don’t forget to taste the ramen fill with fried cockroach

Here’s the full set of sushi you’ve ordered

On the evening, there’s nothing beat a nice cracker cricket and a tea with milk

Bon Appetit

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Gone to Solaria restaurant plaza semanggi couple of days ago, nothing fancy here but this restaurant is known for its affordable price. It’s usually placed on a mall like Platinum but the price is more affordable ( okay, it more cheaper here ). With $3 u could get a decent meal and two glass of ice tea. The choice of menu is quite large, larger than platinum, so if u want a cheap but decent restaurant here in Jakarta think solaria in mind, it won’t blow a hole in your pocket.

i dont take picture of the food here, because i’m exhausted from all day looking books there, we met in plaza Semanggi because this place is located in the middle of Sudirman Av. but there is one pic that my friend ordered a “teri medan fried rice”

phew we were tired , so we chat around 2 hours there and only spend around 10 $

Here are a my wife’s friend.

I go to solaria because it’s the third restaurant after all day spending in Gramedia bookshop all day. the first restaurant is Burger King, Cavana where there’s a silly incident there and the last we went to Solaria. actually we want to watch Quantum of Solace after that, but my wife is already sleepy so we went home instead.

Got a Cake from my Wife :)

Just got my favorite cake from my wife, Opera cake from Harvest Cakes (Kelapa Gading Branches, Jakarta). The cake is made with coffee cream and chocolate ganache and set together with chocolate jokon sponge.

Quite tasteful, but after two slice your stomach maybe full because it’s filled with cream :) two layer of cofee cream. Btw it’s also kosher (halal), no rum in it means no alcohol, if u want to know what is kosher or not in harvest cakes, just look at the shape of the cake. If it’s round then it use rum or alcohol based ingredient in the mixed cake dough, if its square it’s not. If u’re uncertain u could always ask the waiter which one is the kosher ones.

Just a little advice if u want to buy bread at Harvest Cake for a gift when visiting your love ones, the choice of bread at Kelapa Gading isn’t as much as Holland Bakery near the shop. And what makes me more disappointed is that u get the bread in a paper bag, even though i offer i would pay extra if there’s a box for my bread, they told me that box is only for the cake, the bread can only use paper bag.

In Holland Bakery, u get more bread with the same price and get a box for the bread. The taste? the chocolate roll has the same texture but with lesser chocolate than Holland Bakery. I’m not being cheap or something but i love chocolate, i crave for it so i’d rather choose the one filled with the most of it.

Huge Mango!

Pic by vaught_celeste

It’s Mango seasons here!! :) wow what a happy moment for me, because i love mango so much! not in processed way but rather straight from the fruit. Since this october i think it’s mango season, i dont know when the exact time of mango season but if its reach it cheapest price that its! that’s mango season coming. In a supermarket here, when buying mango it counted in kilogram (around 2,2 lbs). Usually on normal season, for one kg mango it cost around Rp.11000 (1 USD 10cent ) for “Arum Manis” type and “Gedong Gincu” type around Rp.25000 (2 USD 50 cent). Arum Manis type is the typical type of common mango here in jakarta. When in mango season, the price drop significantly, The Arum Manis cost Rp.7000 per kilo and Gedong Gincu Rp.21000 per kilo. In flea market, its getting crazier with the price, for Arum Manis its Rp4000 a kilo or sometimes it’s Rp10000 for 3 kilo! (1 USD for 6,6 lbs). And what’s more crazy that Gedong Gincu comes with a similar price.

A couple of days ago, my wife bought me 4 kilo Arum Manis mangoes, because i’m really crappy in cutting mango, she always served me with a cut ones. Not Long after that, her relative come to a visit, and give me this ridiculously huge mango. It’s like a mutated form of mango. it triple the size of arum manis. but im sure that its not radiated with some form of nu-cu-lar device :P because she have the tree in her backyard. To give a comparisson here are Arum Manis type

Well, its not really clean and shiny but this is from flea market and the taste is really good, and this is Apple type Mango, i dont know the exact name but that what her aunt called, it just look like apple.

I didn’t taste it because i’m not interested with small mango :) so i give it away. There’s one type that i favor the most, its Gedong Gincu type but i dont have it right now, so no pictures. The last one, is the really huge one, i meant it’s really really freaking huge, i never in my life see this kind mango, its quite frightening the first time i saw it.

I dont know what is that type for this mango. It’s like an alien shoots a magnify ray on that mango, what it taste like? i still dont know, because it’s not ripe enough, i still put it on a plastic bag until its ripe. She bring only five of those for me and my other relatives because its really heavy bringing those five ones. To give a comparison here is the pictures compared with the other mango

i dont know if this huge mango its just a common mango in other country, if it’s a common one, i would die happily living there :D

Lunch at Fish & Co

A couple of weeks ago my friends and i had lunch at Fish & Co Mall Taman Anggrek, It was a pleasant experience, it’s our second time coming to the place. The first time i come the place i was a little turn off because all of the menu is fish (doh!) and a little heavy on the price, for a full meal of eat a drink would cost around 12 to 20bucks USD.

It’s a little bit pricey because usually i only spend around 1,5$ for lunch at my office (a meal and a juice) if i have gone out, usually never exceed 8 bucks (the cost of living here in indonesia is quite cheap u know). but after seeing the portion of the meal of one dish, its huge! it’s worth of the price and It taste good.

My first time there, i ate black pepper stingray, what a cool name i thought. after i ordered and see the the dish i just remembered that it is a Sting Ray, a family of manta ray, Ikan Pari to be precise. it’s something that i prefer fried not barbecued. the dish content of two huge slice of stingray, french fries and small portion of veggie. It taste quite good, but the taste of the black pepper isn’t strong enough for me. Sadly i forgot to bring my camera so i haven’t got pictures of it. The second time there i ate fish (salmon?) and chips.

Well the five of us eating there cost around $50 USD for a great lunch. I love to eat more at Fish & Co, but there’s none of it near my home in jakarta timur, Mall taman Anggrek it’s too far from my place, about 45 minutes driving. after a quick googling, here are the location in jakarta
-Mall Taman Anggrek
-Cilandak Town Square
-Plaza Semanggi
-Pondok Indah Mall 2
-EX Plaza
-Pacific Place Mall
(source StreetDirectory)

i forgot to takes lots picture of it while i ate there, so i search flickr for a couple of menu.
Seafood Platter for 2
Seafodd Platter for 2
pic by sophiazz

prawns and fish and chips
Prawn and Fish
pic by angeltamor

Sambal Fish and Cajun Rice
Sambal Fish and Cajun Rice
Pic by tanaikwee

Heavenly Chocolate

Yup this is why i love being grown ups!!
I can eat whatever I want and Any combination that I want.

Last November 2007 i found this delicious snack, i mean really really and its cheap too. its only me cost 800 rupiah a piece, around 1 $US. This heavenly snack its called “Gerry Chocolatos” !! in my small world this is the fastest chocolate snack i can get if my sudden crave for chocolate happens. I bought almost 11 boxes since then…

But not long after that i have this really really really great idea! ( have i said really enough :D ) why dont i combine these heavenly snack with other my other heavenly chocolate product :D

ta da!!! behold the greatest combination of happiness in home while watching Startrek season 1 to season 4 last December :) Oh joy, the secret ingredient is very simple my friend! Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate Snack, the total cost for this drink is only 50 cent!
just one personal note before u have this kind drink, U will fell guilty :P

a lunch at Sakura

My friend (Maskman) at his farewell party had a lunch in one of Japanese restaurant at TB Simatupang Jakarta Selatan. The lunch is swell he said. They had a lot of picture while in the restaurant but couldn’t get enough lighting, so many of them are a bit dark, i even had to photoshop it to make it bright. the picture was taken with Sony Cybershot.
There’s only picture three picture of food that was taken, the rest it’s already been eaten or not in their first state.
Look yummy huh :)) that kind of face is priceless i said, priceless!! there’s a picture of the food
and this
That kind of fish in market cost around 15 cent but in this lovely place cost around US$ 4, nice…
Don’t Forget the dessert.. there’s Udon Noodle, Cold Noodle and many feast but there’s too much if i had to upload it. The Total cost that his boss spend in this restaurant is around Rp. 1.900.000 (US$ 195) for 11 person. To sum it up, I think it’s worth it if u want to eat in a sushi restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.

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Lunch at Beautika

on the first of March i ate at a Manado restaurant in south jakarta, Beautika. it’s a cozy place but has a tight parking space. i came there because of my boss’s birthday, her treat of course. because of her treat i couldn’t bought the dine that i desire. she choose a package of the food. when i first came to this place it’s a great impression, the place was made entirely of wood decor, and theme was wood too. i couldn’t take a picture at the front of the restaurant, because there’s no good angles(tight space.). but i manage to take the picture of the billboard.

Beautika Billboard

after looking a place to sit, lunch was served.. and i think what the..

is this how they present their food? it’s quite a disappointment. i thought the food was prepared the same theme with the decor of the place, but no they present it in bowl of white cheap ceramic bowl and maybe because my boss ordered only four menu(but still why do they present it in white cheap bowl!). i take a picture of it so u can know how disappoint i am.

the food in beautika

..and the ordered meal was fried prawn, bitter chinese mellon, a hot sambal cakalang (maybe it’s called skipjack tuna in English), and a very bitter papaya flowers. the ordered drink for me is orange juice and the dessert is a mix crunch ice(“es campur” in indonesian). lets take a look at the chinese bitter mellon or “Pare” what indonesian called it

.Pare biasa

it’s just a typical meal, not too bitter of course. kind of Javanese cook combination flavors. i also take a picture of the menu…

menu at beautika

well it’s quite lame of course. Maybe this the standard course what my boss ordered, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see the deluxe one. this is the picture of the place while i was coming down from the stair.

the beautika

with the place like this shouldn’t we get a good presentation of the meal? but nevertheless the taste of the food was tempting. i don’t know the exact cost of the lunch but my friends sought it at the reasonable price around Rp. 2.500.000 (around US $250) for 30ish person. it could be the best place to hang-out with your family and your associate but could use a better plate for the meal.

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Lunch is Served

My friend work outside Jakarta, he work as a product designer labour in one of major electronic company in Indonesia. The company is quite large but doesn’t mean that u’ll get a great food in lunch. The food was was prepared by the company, so u didn’t have a lot of choices in eating lunch.

makan siang

They get two fried fish(“Ikan Kembung” in Indonesian), one “Kerupuk”, a scoop of rice, a little hot sauce (“Sambel”) and once a month get an ice cream. Sometimes i was happy to see that i have a large variation of food in the place where i was working.