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This week have been a busy week for me, that is why i only write 3 post last week. What I’m doing is i set up a gallery for Zazzle Shop and create a lot of product from my sketch, well not all from me, i had a few friend helping with the design.

I had an account at Zazzle for almost a year, but never had a design that i think was fabulous enough for a product, but rather than doing nothing with the account, i just create a lot of product last week with any design i can come up to. I even use twitter bird :P but not the original bird, i re-design it with illustrator (free to use for commercial license of course) and voila a rough design of the little blue bird :) The stream of my design is simple, a little touch of cuteness, brave and yet insanely easy to get inspiration for another one :)

I tried to submit robot design, but was removed because it is similar with Gundam. I’m pretty sure they don’t know Gundam robots looks like because i use Go Nagai super robots as an inspirational figure. I was disappoint with this matter, because i re-sketch it so it doesn’t look similar with the original design but rather took the spirit of the robot, huge and awesome! :) Just try to submit another design i think.

The process of creating a product for Zazzle gallery is easy, just upload your design (JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF) and choose types of product where u want your design to be put. I love seeing how it put nicely on the product like T-Shirt and Buttons. There’s a Quick Create Many Product choice where u put your design on to many product at once, but i dont like it, i tried it at first but i stop doing that, because the overall making my design looks like a commodity, no unique touches.

Here is a couple of my design that i’ve submitted to zazzle, First an abstract stream of mugs and mouse splats :P

Here the design that i use only lines, the title is Lines are Awesome :) catchy name huh? :P it is quite addictive doing this, but i tried to keep design it in a subtle way. Here’s Lines are Awesome Mug and Mouse pads

Here is some of the simple design for kids, but the template is eligible for adults also

To view more u can visit my gallery at The Green Duck Gallery Zazzle .

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