The Demon on Wheels Trailer!!

Wooooow!! i never thought that The Wachowski Brothers will directed Speed Racer!! since V Vendetta i felt that the brothers next movie is not going to live up the hype of the matrix, but with this i think it will. Seeing the trailer i felt it’s like a Disney movie but i forgot which ones.

glorious Day

I found the trailer from Speed Racer Blogspot, i read it from attu.

The movie look similar to the anime, the car, the style and there’s Racer X too.

Mach 5

i’m really happy seeing this trailer because it’s look like The Wachowski Brothers doesn’t follows up the Realistic Life-Like Hype Crap in creating the setting and the car like the last Batman movies and Transformers. Yes, to me, Transformers the Movie is a crap, if the movie doesn’t bear the name Transformers it would be cool to me but instead the movie ruined the cool original robot design.

Go Speed Racer!!

A demon on wheels!!

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