How to Eat a Banana

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Just Read an 1986 books from Bondan Winarno, a famous journalist & freelance writer in Indonesia. he wrote an interesting article in one of his books called “Seratus Kiat” (a hundred tips).
The article title is How to eat a banana, what interest me the most is that the article really tell u how to eat a banana, it just make me awe of how something that simple there’s an international norm on eating it.
Okay here’s a couple of choice on how u eat it. Which do u think that will fit an international norm on eating it?

  • Peel the skin and eat it right away
  • Peel all and throw the skin then eat the fruit or
  • Peel the skin partially and slice accordingly to what u can eat at the moment

If u guess, peel the skin partially and slice accordingly to what u can eat at the moment (not eat it straight away the fruit), u guess it right.

By knowing this, it really tells us no matter how much you know about other culture, there always new things that comes up for u to learn. But to be honest, I still eat banana right away after i peel it at my home, but i think we need to learn this manner if we were in other country because we want to appreciate others. By all means manner is the manifestation of respecting others, so by learning it, we know that we were in the right path in respecting others.

If u want to be more mindful of what you eat, there’s a more elaborate guide on how to eat banana from
In case u never seen a banana tree, i wrote in my past post about huge banana tree

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