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I have a confession, I suck making category for my writing at this site :( that’s why i always confuse what category supposed for my posts and after that i put it in the same category over and over again, after a while i realize what should be the category of the writing and edit the post and save again. it’s a tedious task.

My biggest problem with it right now, i want to change all category of my post in the past with the appropriate ones so it became readable if i want to search it. but editing one by one is hideous, but i considered myself lucky because my writing is still not much (around 170 post), what if my writing like Mr. Roy at downloadmunkey.net? if i’m not mistaken he once had 150 post in a month?! that a great deal of works if he want to change all category of the posts. Before i had a lot of post like him i’d like to change it quick and that’s when i think there’s should be a WordPress plugin for mass changing category and tags.

Looking at the WordPress Extend Plugins Resources found this fantastic plugins, WordPress Admin Management Xtended. It not going to let you mass category change, but it will let u change it via the manage admin view.

Under the action text u could see those blue button which function as changing the date, allow comment or not etc. It’s a superb plugin imho, btw there’s a video explaining the function of Admin Management Xtended

While I add plugin for category i also add

All of this plugin i read it at Top 10 must install plugins for WordPress users!

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