Things U Didn’t Know About Indonesia especially Jakarta

by adrianbartel
Monas by Adrian Bartel

Did u know that in Indonesia especially Jakarta :

  • In your birthday, you are the one that spends money in treating your friends.
  • Our former president Soeharto ruled in indonesia for 32 years.
  • Strange fact that no matter how poor the person is, they always have money to buy a cigarette.
  • it is estimated only 10,5 % of the population here use internet from the total 237 million people (2008).
  • The cost of a gallon of gas is $ 2.3 USD (Price at november 2008) or for a liter of gas is 60 cent USD.
  • 80% the population belief are Islam or Moslem.
  • you are expected to open your shoe or slipper when you visit someone’s home unless the owner allow u to wear it.
  • Rice is the nation staple diet.
  • The average temperature in Jakarta is 32 Celsius or 89,6 Fahrenheit.
  • oh yeah, btw we use metric system.
  • Pork or pig meat are rarely found in the supermarket or flea market, cow and chicken is the common one.
  • In here, u can combine rice with anything, with fried chicken, steaks, soups etc.
  • Kissing mouth to mouth is considered taboo in public.
  • The top of Monas Tower (National Monument) are gold coated.
  • No matter how old you are, porn are considered illegal here. :)

Well there’s more, but i think that’s just it for the day. cheers! :)

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