Securing Your WordPress Site

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phew, i just updated my site, i read an article from MyTestBox “Is your WordPress blog hacked? Why not upgrade to the latest version?” and realize how fragile my site is. I think anyone who have wordpress blog should know this.

Here are a couple of things that i didn’t know it would be key point factor in securing my site.

  1. The wordpress default plugin directory is not secured, so anyone can see what plugin i’ve installed, in case u want to see it the default directory is in here “”.
  2. Change my admin password regularly, lucky i’ve just download a portable password manager KeePass Password Safe Portable couple of days ago. There’s a built in password generator in it (dont forget to click save after u’ve save all of your password).

There’s also a lot of recommended plugin in the site. And i thought updating my site with the latest wordpress is enough.

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2 thoughts on “Securing Your WordPress Site”

  1. KeePass and Passwordsafe are wonderful! But when I need to sync across multiple PCs, log on to my site from my iPhone, etc. I combine the best of 2 worlds by using’s open source integration with Keepass and Password Safe!

    Have fun

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