The never ending designing blog.
After Designing with K2, I’m quite comfortable but after a while i have to change it because using K2 really need a lot of bandwidth to run. It cost me 25% from my bandwidth capacity only for javascript file.


Damn thats huge, luckily my web last month still survive, i used almost 95% from my bandwidth capacity.
Right now i’m using customized version of Lust Theme from Small Potato, I’ve been thinking to used his free theme since last June, but i was waiting the right theme with the GPL license. I’m still waiting for him to release black-ish theme, but right now i like this theme and i tweak it a little.

Whats with the Sheeps?!!!

My friend who currently a designer is out of town ( Bandung ), i’m still waiting for him to help me designing the banner, until then lets Enjoy Sheeps!! :D

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